Saturday, March 1, 2008


My co-teacher and I were talking about out-of-date words and phrases. This was instigated in our conversation about flip flops (See blog "HOW COOL ARE YOU?"). I mentioned that I had finally got in the habit of calling them flip flops instead of "thongs". When I was growing up we called them "thongs". We can't call them that now for obvious reasons. Here are some other out-of-date things, words and phrases: albums, dial that number, transistor radio, 8 track tape, portable typewriter, full-service gas station, hi-fi, beta tape, black-and-white tv, console tv, tape deck...Can you think of any more?


Delirious said...

You don't take "typing" in school, you take "keyboarding".

Inside Stories said...

My daughters inform me that "blouse" is an old lady word, and I should call it a "shirt".

Native Minnow said...

- Walkman
- Cellular Phone
- Memory stick
- Cash machine

That's all I got for now.

But 'album' is still perfectly acceptable when it comes to describing music. It's all inclusive instead of referring to a single format (vinyl, cd, mp3, etc.).

Twist's Tales said...

My favorite comes from "you know who", and I don't mean Voldemort. Congoleum. Nuff said.