Friday, September 30, 2011


A week or so ago, we received a thank-you note at the Bishop's Storehouse from a lady who had come for assistance with her groceries.  She wrote a beautiful thank-you to us, but the other thing that was so beautiful about her note was her handwriting.  She had absolutely beautiful handwriting!  She came in to the Storehouse again yesterday and I was talking to her about her note and telling her what beautiful penmanship she had.  She said she was a Fine Arts major and she also said her grandmother had beautiful handwriting. 
We talked about how note writing, is almost obsolete and especially thank-you notes, and even more rare is an actual hand-written thank-you note sent through the mail.  Too often we email, facebook, or twitter or thanks, if we even remember to do that at all.

Reading her note reminded me of my fourth grade teacher who was always on me about my handwriting.  She lectured and lectured me and would make me even redo some papers I handed in.  She always told me that I had nice handwriting if I would just slow down to write, and she was right.  Well, I don't know how nice it really is, but it is horrible if I'm in a hurry.  I also was reminded of my Dad's brother who had incredibly beautiful handwriting.  Although I don't think he wrote in cursive, he printed it.  I remember a letter my dad got from him and when I saw it, it looked like caligraphy, but not quite.   It was a work of art in itself. 

It makes me wonder if writing things by hand will become obsolete in the future?  Maybe.  But maybe it will turn into some kind of art.  We'll go to the art museums and there on the wall will be framed sheets of letters in beautiful handwriting.  :0)

Thursday, September 15, 2011


While I was working at the Storehouse today, a young man, his brother and sister (all young adults) came in to get an order for their family.  He told me that he had just submitted his papers to be a service missionary and was hoping he would get to come work at the Storehouse.  I told him I hoped he would too and told him how much fun it was.  From there we started talking about different subjects as we "shopped".  We discussed movies we'd seen recently and he asked me if I had seen the last Harry Potter movie (silly question).  I told him I had and he said that he hadn't seen it yet.  I told him that my husband and I had just gone to the dollar show last week to see "Super 8" (great movie!) and that we had seen a preview for the last HP movie, which meant it was coming to the dollar show.  He was so excited!  I told him that I told my husband that I had decided that I wanted to go see it one more time on the big movie screen before being forced to only watch it on dvds from now on.  His brother walked up just then and his brother said, "I kind of got tired of all the Harry Potter."  I looked at him and said, "Tired of Harry Potter!  I'd never be tired of Harry Potter!"  Silly boy......

Thursday, September 1, 2011


We started working at the Bishop's Storehouse today.  We started by taking a tour of the facilities and then watching several videos.  It was very interesting to me to see what the Church Welfare program is all about, and I thought I knew everything.  I'll have to blog more about this some other time. 

There are about 14 of us that work there.  Sometimes there's more.  We have one lady who is there because she is our cook.  She cooks us lunch everyday.  Today we had Green Chile -Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas, Salad, carrot sticks, zuchinni and squash fried with onions, tortillas and bananna bread for dessert.  They had bottles of water and your choice of soda, one of which was diet coke (with the caffeine) which made my husband happy.  :0)  (and it was diet cherry coke too!)

We filled 14 food orders today.  I guess the thing that struck me the most today was the amount of organization that goes into the Church Welfare system.  Everything is very organized, very neat and tidy.  The other thing that sort of struck me was the look on the people's faces when they came in with their papers - strained, fearful, hard, unsmiling....and the relaxed smiles on their faces when they left.