Friday, August 20, 2010


JESUS' LOVE IS LIKE A RIVER - written by Orrin G. Hatch

Jesus' love is like a river flowing gently through my soul,
And the grace that it delivers, makes me peaceful, makes me whole.
For everything grows where the water goes
And everything lives where the water flows
Jesus' love is like a river
Flowing gently thru my soul.

Jesus' love is like the sunshine falling softly on my face
And it warms me like a fire bringing comfort, bringing peace.
For everything grows where the sunlight goes
And everything's green where the sunlight glows,
Jesus' love is like the sunshine falling softly on my face.

Jesus' love is like a lighthouse when the storms of life appear,
Like a beacon in the distance, always steady, always clear.
And those who will go where the lighthouse glows
are warmed by His spirit and find repose
Jesus' love is like a lighthouse when the storms of llife appear.

Jesus' love is like a river, like the sunshine on my face.
Jesus' love is like a lighthouse, leading to His peaceful place. 

Friday, August 13, 2010


As I have traveled around this summer, I've seen lots of cops.  They're everywhere!  In town and out of town!  Our state, along with other states, have been doing the "100 Days of Summer".  This means that they will have lots and lots of cops out setting "speed traps" to get speeders.  So after I started seeing so many cops, no matter where I went, I decided to just slow down and start driving the speed. limit.

Another thing that I have noticed, is that ever since we got our new truck, it seems to be a "cop magnet".  I have been followed by cops, more in this truck than in any other car I have ever had.  I used to have an Expedition, and cops didn't follow me as much in that as in my new truck.  It seems like every other day when I go out, I will look in my rearview mirror and there will be a cop following me.  He will follow me for a long time, until he finally realizes that I am not going to speed, and then he will hurridly pass me. 

Last night I went to pick my husband up at the airport.  He has been in Oregon all week on business.  He was coming in late at night (11:30 pm) and I thought it was kind of nice to be driving on the highways with hardly any traffic.  There was still a lot more traffic than I thought should be out at 11:30 pm, but whatever.
I exited the interstate at the airport exit and I realized that another car had exited also.  That car wasn't directly behind me, but was driving in the other lane, in my blind spot, so I couldn't see them.  I wasn't in a hurry, and in fact had left a little early.  Sometimes, on late flight like that, the pilots like to hurry up the flight and they get in 10 or 15 minutes early, but it is not updated on the schedule.  So I thought that if I was early, I'd just wait in the cell phone waiting area.  Anyway, I was slowly driving up the road to the airport, not hurrying at all, and then all of a sudden the car beside me sped up and went on ahead.  It was a cop.  One more reason why I was glad I wasn't speeding.  It was kind of interesting though, because usually I DO speed on that road up to the airport.  Not too long ago they lowered the speed limit there.  I think you used to could do like 50 or 55 mph up that road, and now it is only 45. 

The other night I had to make a late trip over to my daughter's house, who lives across town.  I usually don't take the freeway, because believe it or not, taking the freeway is the same amount of time as it takes to drive down just one of the main roads.  The main road is a more direct route - less miles, but the same time, since it is slower going.  This road has a few places that are famous for being speed traps, so once again, I have decided to "slow down" and just go the speed limit.  That night as I was going over there, all of a sudden I passed a car that was on the other side of the road, parked in a left turn lane.  It was a cop, sitting there with his motor running and his lights off.  It was in a particularly dark spot of the road, so you really didn't notice him until you were right beside him.  I drove a little ways and there was another cop, in the next left turn lane, same thing:  lights off and motor running. 

So take my advice:  Slow down and keep your eyes open, and look and see how many times you might have gotten a ticket if you had been speeding!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I had another sleepover with 3 of my granddaughters this past week. - two 5 year olds and a 12 year old.   Here are some conversations we had, or overheard:

5 year old crying
Me: What's wrong?
1st 5 year old: I'm scared!
Me: Of what?
1st 5 year old: Ghosts!
Me: We have no ghosts in this house.  When we bought this house, Grandpa said a prayer and told Heavenly Father to not let any ghosts get in this house.
1st 5 year old: There's no such thing as ghosts, Grandma!
Me: Then what are you scared of???

Conversation overheard while the 2 five year olds were taking a bath in my huge Roman tub:
(They had told me they wanted to take a bath because my tub looked like a swimming pool)

1st 5 year old: Okay, I'll stand here and you stand there....Now, you jump in first and then I'll jump in.
 (Of course, hearing this caused both me and the 12 year old to run as fast as we could to the tub and look in (it has a shower curtain across the opening)  There stood both 5 year olds - each on a different ledge of the tub. 
Me:  There will be no jumping of any kind in this tub or you'll both get out!
Both 5 year olds: Awwwww!

2nd 5 year old:  I love you, Grandma!
Me: I love you too, and I also love "1st 5 year old!"
2nd 5 year old to 1st 5 year old: When someone tells you that they love you, you're supposed to say, "I love you back!"

Sunday, August 8, 2010

JUST CLICK ON THE DOTS.........................

I just found out something I thought I'd share.  Some of you know that I've had problems in the past with Oriental people leaving comments on my blog that were links to pornographic sites.  I warned these people to quit doing it or I would report them.  I thought they had quit, but I was still getting comments.  When I would translate these commments using Google Translate, they appeared quite harmless. 

Today I got another comment on one of my posts from one of these people.  When I was looking at it, all of a sudden I realized that every single comment that these people would leave, would have a row of dots........................ - all in blue - after the comment.  Here's what I found out:  If you click on their blogger name, it takes you to an innocent appearing site.  Nothing wrong with that, except that ALL of these people have blogs but don't blog on them.  The blog looks like it has just barely been set up and has no posts on it.  HOWEVER, if you click on the dots after their comment, THAT is what takes you to the porn site.

So bloggers beware.  If you don't believe me, just click on those blue dots and you'll see for yourself.  As for me, I'm deleting every single one.

Monday, August 2, 2010


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