Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I bought this CD last week and have been listening to it. There is just something about a cello that I love. I have another one of his CDS, but I really like this one. The other one of his that I have is his "Solo" CD. It has some good songs on it, but it also has some weird stuff. Delirious might like some of them, because there are a few Chinese songs that he does. I love instrumental music...sometimes words just get in the way.

Sunday, October 18, 2009



My husband and I were talking about how great the CES directors are and what great teachers they are. I said that I wished I could have learned how to teach like they do. I have noticed some of the General Authorities delivering talks more like what they tried to teach us when I was a Seminary teacher. I told my husband that I tried hard to learn how to do it, but I guess I didn't learn it well enough. (Or maybe I need more practice.) My husband commented that maybe they didn't "convince me".
He then said that at work they quote a line from a movie, The Last King of Scotland. He said it's actually a horrible movie. I'm sure neither of us will watch it, but someone at work used it as an analogy. In the movie, Idi Amin is talking to his doctor. He is talking about all the horrible things he has done, things that his doctor (his trusted advisor) advised him not to do. Here is the conversation:

Idi Amin: I want you to tell me what to do.
Nicholas Garrigan: You want ME to tell YOU what to do?
Idi Amin: Yes, you are my advisor. You are the only one I can trust in here. You should have told me not to throw the Asians out, in the first place.
Nicholas Garrigan: I DID!
Idi Amin: But you did not persuade me, Nicholas. You did not persuade me!

There are people you can teach and they will listen. There are other people you have to convince and persuade. Luckily those who listen with the Spirit are the ones you can teach. The others? I'm not sure how much persuasion it would take to convince them.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The other night when we got home from England, we went upstairs and I came back out of the bedroom and saw these weird gray circles on the carpet about an inch or so in circumference. They weren't in any kind of pattern, just a circle here and a circle there. I said to my husband, "What are these circles from?" He came out and looked and we couldn't figure it out. I thought and thought and wondered if I had carried anything out there the previous day and set it down, but couldn't come up with anything. I said to my husband, "You don't think it's like from the bottom of a shoe do you?" He said,"No, shoe soles don't look like that!" I noticed that some of the circles went over to the room where his closet is. (Here in Ireland, the closets are so small, he has his closet in one of the guest rooms.) I kept thinking and wondering and finally decided to go into his closet and look at the bottom of all his shoes. Voila! The first pair I picked up had not only circles on the bottom, but dirty circles! I had never known that those shoes soles looked like that. I took them to show him and then he said, "Oh! The gray dirt is from the airport long-term parking lot, remember?" They were the shoes he had worn that day.

Case solved.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Yes, I've been on YouTube too much (see my Irish Jigs blog). But I had to post this because it is so cute and funny! This originally had a different tune in the original commercial. They also have the same thing with them to "Beat It" but I picked this one because it has the baby moon-walking at the end. Sorry I couldn't get rid of the Facebook banner. :0+

Monday, October 5, 2009


Happy Anniversary to Babs and Stace-Ghost! We are so glad you found each other! We love you and miss you! Here are some pictures (the only ones I have here with me:

Saturday, October 3, 2009


My husband has been working a lot of late hours, and when he has been at home, he has either been working on a presentation, or doing tele/computer-conferences. His church calling has also taken him away at least once a week inthe past few weeks. This has resulted in me being home. All. Alone. For. Hour. And. Hours. I am just not much of a tv watcher. I have lots of movies with me, but haven't really felt like delving into those. So to fill up my time I've been walking, cleaning, surfing the internet, window-shopping the internet, and blogging. I've talked to a few family members via either Skype or IM, and I've also used my Skype to make a few doctor & dentist appointments for December. (Still have 2 more appointments to make.) I've also been playing my "organ" keyboard. I tried playing my violin and broke a string. :0+
One really fun website I've found is I don't know if you've ever heard of Pandora bracelets, but if you have Chamilia is kind of like those, only I think they have cuter beads and charms. On this website you get to "build" your own bracelet. When you finish, it tells you how much your bracelet would cost. Hang onto your hat. $$$$$$ Mine was over $500. :0) But they are SOOOO cute! Check it out! These bracelets are really popular here in Ireland. I see them in EVERY jewelry store and jewelry counter I pass. The cool thing about them is you buy the bracelet, then buy how ever many beads or charms. The beads and charms are usually about $30 apiece. So you could even just start with one. Then when you get more $, you go buy another one. Some people might buy a charm to go with some event in their life. A new baby? Buy the baby-buggy charm, or the little girl or boy stick figure charm, etc. You get the picture. Fun, Fun!

Friday, October 2, 2009


My internet has been out for the past 24 hours due to some road construction that obviously cut something or dug in the wrong place. Our cable was also out for that time. I am not addicted to the internet, I am not addicted to the internet, I am not addicted to the internet....

Thursday, October 1, 2009


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Get your pink ribbons out or buy one from someone you see selling them for donations. I wear my pink ribbon for my Super-Mom and for my YaYa Friend Sheri!