Wednesday, August 15, 2012


We recently had our family all together for the first time in - well, I don't really know how long, but a really long time - years!  So in honor of the occasion we had a family picture taken.  The last family picture we had taken, my sons were still in high school and the oldest is 31 now.  :0+  Last time we had our picture taken, we didn't include the grand kids because there were not that many of them and they were a lot younger and well, including kids makes a photo age a lot faster.

We went to look at the proofs today and wow, have things changed a lot since our last family photo!  This time we were escorted into a living room type area with a comfy couch and on one large white wall they showed a slide presentation of all the photos.  She showed all of them on the wall with music, one at a time first.  I cried through the whole presentation because they were such good pictures and you know I kinda love all those people!  The second time through she showed two at a time so we could decide which of the two we liked best.  The one we didn't like she didn't show again, but if we liked both, she kept both.  We kept doing this on every pose until we had picked one photo for each pose.  There were some poses we didn't like any of. One of these poses was of the grand kids all jumping.  I had really looked forward to that one and was disappointed that it just didn't turn out.

We ended up with 5 different poses:  One of all of us - adults and grandchildren.  The second one was of just all the adults.  The third one was of just my husband and I.  The fourth and fifth one were of the grand kids - one of all of them sitting down posed, and one a little more casual with them just standing.

We were so happy to be able to purchase all five photos on a disk that we can take and have as many photos as we want made up!  We were even more happy to be able to qualify for the "Groupon Special" which, because we had 11 people (smallest amount) we got all of this HALF PRICE!  We also got a 17x24, 8x10, 5x7 and 8 wallets FREE!  This was such a great deal for us.  We have used these people before when we had our other family photo done, and we will certainly use them again and again!

Thanks, Kim Jew Photography!!