Sunday, February 28, 2010


Ok, is it just me or does anyone else think that the US Bobsled Team sweats and jackets look like they're wearing pajama bottoms and robes?  I think someone got lazy with the design there.  :o+

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My husband has been in the States for 2 weeks.  Normally this wouldn't bother me - if I were at my home in the States surrounded by my family, but it is quite hard in a foreign country when you are all alone.  Luckily I have managed to keep busy - doing something almost every day.  I've been visiting teaching twice, gone to the movies one day and to lunch another (and again tomorrow) with the other American wives.  I've had a violin lesson, and I've gone shopping a few times.  My Irish friend who lives a block away has been my Guardian Angel.  She has texted me or called me every day to check on me.  I've forced her to have lunch with me twice at my house, and once at McDonalds.  :0)  She's also my visiting teaching partner and we braved both days trusting in my GPS to take us to destinations unknown.  One day coming back from visiting teaching, she showed me a new way to go to church.  Then Sunday she went to church with me so I could make sure I learned the route.  It's a much easier and safer way to go! 

It's a good thing the 2 weeks are almost up - one more day to go.  Even with friends and things to keep me busy, it's still been a little lonely.  My husband emailed me the other day and asked me if I was "talking to myself yet."  I told him "not yet, but I'm almost there."  :0)  Hurry Friday!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


My husband and I have dubbed this "Our Song".

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I got a violin for Christmas several years ago.  Several.  Years.  Ago.  I wanted to take violin lessons.  I talked to a lady who was going to give me violin lessons and I was going to do something for her (can't remember - see how long it's been?)  The week we were going to start, she told me she was moving in a month.  :0+  A  couple years went by and then a guy moved in our ward who played the violin.  One day he came over to my house to practice a number he and I and some singers were going to do (me on piano).  While we were waiting for the others to come, I showed him my violin and asked him if he gave lessons.  He said, "No."  :0+  A year later a lady moved into our ward and I found out she even lived close by me.  She and this other guy that were in our ward were the best violinists I have ever heard in person.  I asked her if she gave lessons.  She did.  :0)  I asked her if she gave lesson to adults.  She said she didn't have any adults that she was teaching.  I told her I wanted to learn.  She said she would give me lessons. :0)  I told he that I didn't have time right then because I was teaching Seminary, but in the fall I would.  I never got with her.  Later we found out we were moving to Ireland. 

I brought my violin back to Ireland with me when I came back this summer after a vacation.  I bought a violin book that had a dvd and a cd with it, and I also bought, Violin for Dummies.  I figured with those 2 books I could teach myself.  I mean, I play piano and organ, and I was a choir director for 15 years.  The first time I sat down to learn, I broke the A string tuning it.  :0+  I put it up and didn't get it out again.  Then I heard that a lady was giving lessons to anyone who wanted to learn violin.  I decided that when I got back from my Christmas trip that I would join.  When I came back, I found out the lady was going back to the States (she was a missionary and was finished with her mission.) :0+  A few weeks later I heard another announcement that someone else had taken over her class and they were having them every Tuesday night at the Stake Center. 

Last week I went and bought some new strings for my violin and went to the class that night.  The teacher replaced my broken string.  The new people came a half hour early, and I was one of them.  She said since I already know how to read music, that she would put me with the more experienced group. :0)  So I have been practicing every day.  I might play the piano well, but I really stink at playing the violin.  I mean REALLY STINK!  :0+  I think a lot of it is my technique with the bow, so I hope that gets better.  And yes, we are using the bow and not plucking.  I just heard a lot of violinists gasp. (Usually when you start to learn you only pluck until you learn the notes.) 

I'll keep you informed.  :0)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010


#10 - Jim Dugger will get a vasectomy
#9 - Simon Cowell will wear something besides a t-shirt
#8 - Michelle Obama will start sewing her own clothes
#7 - Sarah Palin will get out of politics to be a stay-at-home mom
#6 - The Detroit Lions will play in the Super Bowl....and win
#5 - President Obama will finally "find" his birth certificate
#4 - Brett Farve will retire
#3 - Bill & Hillary Clinton will renew their wedding vows
#2 - Pamela Anderson's lips will explode
#1 - And yes, Hell will freeze over

(I used this as my entry for our current Word Joust game, but thought I'd post it here also)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


If anyone's wondering why I haven't emailed to tell them what our company decided - whether to do this project in Ireland or send everyone home - get in line.  We're still waiting too.  :0+