Thursday, February 11, 2010


I got a violin for Christmas several years ago.  Several.  Years.  Ago.  I wanted to take violin lessons.  I talked to a lady who was going to give me violin lessons and I was going to do something for her (can't remember - see how long it's been?)  The week we were going to start, she told me she was moving in a month.  :0+  A  couple years went by and then a guy moved in our ward who played the violin.  One day he came over to my house to practice a number he and I and some singers were going to do (me on piano).  While we were waiting for the others to come, I showed him my violin and asked him if he gave lessons.  He said, "No."  :0+  A year later a lady moved into our ward and I found out she even lived close by me.  She and this other guy that were in our ward were the best violinists I have ever heard in person.  I asked her if she gave lessons.  She did.  :0)  I asked her if she gave lesson to adults.  She said she didn't have any adults that she was teaching.  I told her I wanted to learn.  She said she would give me lessons. :0)  I told he that I didn't have time right then because I was teaching Seminary, but in the fall I would.  I never got with her.  Later we found out we were moving to Ireland. 

I brought my violin back to Ireland with me when I came back this summer after a vacation.  I bought a violin book that had a dvd and a cd with it, and I also bought, Violin for Dummies.  I figured with those 2 books I could teach myself.  I mean, I play piano and organ, and I was a choir director for 15 years.  The first time I sat down to learn, I broke the A string tuning it.  :0+  I put it up and didn't get it out again.  Then I heard that a lady was giving lessons to anyone who wanted to learn violin.  I decided that when I got back from my Christmas trip that I would join.  When I came back, I found out the lady was going back to the States (she was a missionary and was finished with her mission.) :0+  A few weeks later I heard another announcement that someone else had taken over her class and they were having them every Tuesday night at the Stake Center. 

Last week I went and bought some new strings for my violin and went to the class that night.  The teacher replaced my broken string.  The new people came a half hour early, and I was one of them.  She said since I already know how to read music, that she would put me with the more experienced group. :0)  So I have been practicing every day.  I might play the piano well, but I really stink at playing the violin.  I mean REALLY STINK!  :0+  I think a lot of it is my technique with the bow, so I hope that gets better.  And yes, we are using the bow and not plucking.  I just heard a lot of violinists gasp. (Usually when you start to learn you only pluck until you learn the notes.) 

I'll keep you informed.  :0)


Bullet for Babs said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're learning! Maybe you can teach me a thing or two when you get back. I've often thought about just buying a bow for a violin and not a violin because it sounds really cool when you use a bow on an electric guitar. It has this kind of angelic sound to it.

Lindsay Logic said...

How fun to learn a new instrument! Good luck! I'm sure you'll pick it up in no time!

Stace-Ghost said...

Thats awesome! I have really been enjoying learning the piano. I'm sure you are better than you think :)

Delirious said...

That is GREAT! I think you will learn quickly! The bowing is the hard part, so I think you will be fine with a little practice. I took lessons for about 3 months, and I saw that the more I practiced, the better I got. Unfortunately, I wasn't disciplined enough at that time in my life to practice more, and then I left on my mission. But I know from experience that you will get it, and your music background will really pay off. I'm anxious for you to play for us at the family reunion. :)

Amber said...

that is so awesome mom!!! I'm so proud and excited for you! I'm glad you're finally getting to take lessons, and I know you'll get better, so don't get discouraged! :D

Inklings said...

I'm excited you are learning and think it is great you are doing this! I love to listen to strings.
Not trying to jinx you...but does this mean you will come back to the US now? :0) (Since all your other violin lessons fell through)
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