Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My husband has been in the States for 2 weeks.  Normally this wouldn't bother me - if I were at my home in the States surrounded by my family, but it is quite hard in a foreign country when you are all alone.  Luckily I have managed to keep busy - doing something almost every day.  I've been visiting teaching twice, gone to the movies one day and to lunch another (and again tomorrow) with the other American wives.  I've had a violin lesson, and I've gone shopping a few times.  My Irish friend who lives a block away has been my Guardian Angel.  She has texted me or called me every day to check on me.  I've forced her to have lunch with me twice at my house, and once at McDonalds.  :0)  She's also my visiting teaching partner and we braved both days trusting in my GPS to take us to destinations unknown.  One day coming back from visiting teaching, she showed me a new way to go to church.  Then Sunday she went to church with me so I could make sure I learned the route.  It's a much easier and safer way to go! 

It's a good thing the 2 weeks are almost up - one more day to go.  Even with friends and things to keep me busy, it's still been a little lonely.  My husband emailed me the other day and asked me if I was "talking to myself yet."  I told him "not yet, but I'm almost there."  :0)  Hurry Friday!


Delirious said...

I know exactly how you feel. My husband would go to the States and leave me in China for up to 3 weeks at a time. It was probably better in one sense that I had my kids to keep my company. But on the other hand, I had my kids to keep me company... :) It was hard being the only parent for that long. I'm glad you have had things to do to keep busy!

Bullet for Babs said...

Well, we've all felt bad for you. Dad was especially worried about you. You're almost there Mom. You can do it.

Inklings said...

I know just how you feel, because Dee Ice goes on fires for weeks at a time, only I don't have any kids around nor anyone else to talk to or check up on me.
FYI: he signed up to go on fires again yesterday, but is not going to be on a team. He will freelance.

Amber said...

yeah I admit I talk to myself too, that's why it's better to have a pet if you live alone, it's much less crazy to talk to a pet than yourself LOL - but I have to say I love those quiet, still moments in the house when you're all alone and it's just really really peaceful :) I'll be glad when you're home though because then when dad goes out of town we can do girly things, go to girly movies, and go to garage sales and antique stores - I miss doing that with you :) - Love you mom!!