Tuesday, February 5, 2013


- I've been going to the laundromat for the past - what? -2 or 3 months I believe.  Our septic tank is acting up (again) and I think my husband is finally believing what I have been saying - that it does this every single winter and I do my laundry in the laundromat until it gets warm again.  We went to a neighborhood meeting where another neighbor talked about living with the same thing last winter (we did it also last winter) and he finally extended his leech (leach??) field and has never had problems since.  So hopefully when we do that this spring, we will never have problems again either.  Just saying - I hate the laundromat - it creeps me out to wash my clothes in a washer that a bazillion other people have washed theirs.  I do all my laundry in multiple washers and then come home and dry clothes all day long.

- We recently had a company come to our house to give us an estimate on refacing our kitchen cabinets and putting in new counter tops.  I have a large kitchen with a 6' island bar in the middle (cabinets underneath the island also).  I won't even tell you how much their estimate was, it was so ridiculous.Think of what you would normally think it would cost and multiply it by at least 4. $$$$  We decided not to go with this company but that was not until after several hours and extremely hard-pressure sale tactics (another reason we decided against them).  I don't like being pushed that hard for a product I don't want and would never pay for.  Oh, and by the way - their cabinets weren't even real wood.  But after we said we didn't want them, they said they'd put in wood for the same amount - which after the estimate was $4,000 more.  Really???

- I'm having foot problems.  This started after Christmas and was probably due to the incredibly hard October, November and December days at the Storehouse.  Problem is I can't figure out what is wrong with it.  It is only my right foot and it hurts on the pad of the foot under the toes.  By the end of the day, it is really painful.  I've tried switching shoes, but it doesn't seem to help.  If I flex my foot, I feel something hard right in the middle.  ???

- I'm full up of politics right now.  "Sell crazy someplace else, we're all full up here..."  Just saying.....

- We decided to keep our old cabinets and now have a work order with another company to put in new counter tops and a new kitchen sink.  Probably won't happen until March because I have a weird sink (triple bowl) and it will take till then for the order to come in.

-  I'm really enjoying reading Phillipa Carr's Daughters of England books.  It's funny that Inklings and I are reading them at the same time. Since I usually read several books at the same time, I hadn't put them on my blog sidebar as what I was reading because I couldn't find a picture of the books since they are so old.  I decided to look on Goodreads and have found some of them, but not all the books.  My favorite thing to do is go to second-hand stores and look for books.  Yes, I do have a Kindle but you just can't beat a book.  Especially a hard-back one that you find at a second-hand store.  There's one second-hand store I go to that all the books -paper and hardback - are all a quarter!  Woo-hoo!

- I got to spend almost the whole day out shopping with my husband today.  This is a rare treat for me since he usually doesn't like to shop.  We shopped for counter-tops today and went to 2 stores.  Oh, and did I mention that when we got all the way to the first store I realized I had left the cabinet door that he had taken off for me (so we could see how it looked with counter-tops) at home?  So we got back in the car, drove all the way back home (15 minutes) got the door and drove all the way back.  We ate lunch at Teriyaki Bowl and went to the second store - getting home at 4pm.  It was a fun day for me.  :0)

- We had a fantastic Superbowl party last weekend.  My four kids that live here all came with their spouses and kids (minus one that was at her other grandma's house).  I just love it that my kids live close to us!  We love to spend time with them and we love all their spouses and feel so blessed that they made such good choices in mates!  It's so fun to be with all of them!  We're looking forward to keeping Gilbert Girl's kids soon while she and her hubby have some "get-away-time".