Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Inklings had a recent post where she suggested people say the title with a lispy voice like Jan Brady.  I read her post and indeed could have read it with a lispy voice.  I recently had some extensive dental work, which has resulted in a temporary lisp. I was hoping that I would get used to this new condition and be able to overcome this lisp, but as the days go by I am unfortunately seeing that I will not be able to overcome it and that I will have this lisp for the next 4 months, at which point is the final stage of my dental work.  At first I thought about just staying home for 4 months, but now I have consigned myself to accepting it and hope that people have "washed their own windows" sufficiently and will not comment derogatorily to me about it.
In a way it's kind of interesting to me to talk to people and to see the inquizitive look come to their face as they listen to me talk. I really don't worry as much about the lisping as I do about the times when I go to open my mouth to say something and a drool of spit drops out of my mouth. :0+  It's going to be a long 4 months!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


In my previous post, I mentioned that I had endured some extensive dental work.  As a result I missed last Thursday at the Storehouse.  So while my husband was gone all day and since I was supposed to be taking it easy, I decided to watch some Netflix.  A friend of mine at the Storehouse has been telling me about "Downton Abbey" and how great it is, so I looked on Netflix hoping to find the first season (2010) and there it was!  Thursday I watched the first 4 episodes, the next day I watched 2 more and today I watched the last one - 7 total for the first season.  Now I am totally hooked on this series!!!!  I love this show!  I love the characters, the costumes, the whole estate and servants, everything!  Problem is:  Netflix doesn't have the 2011 series yet.  Yikes!  So now I have to go buy it!!  "Downton Abbey" is about a family set in pre-WWI.  In the first episode, it opens with the news that the Titanic has sunk.  Problem is, I also saw something on the internet today that said that this is the last season (2012).  But I guess since it's on PBS, that's probably about right.  Maybe I misunderstood and they meant that they had filmed the last episode just for 2012??  (hope)

Here's a great quote from the last episode by Maggie Smith who plays Violet Crawley, The Dowager Countess of Grantham:

"By the way, I was right about my maid.  She is leaving...to get married!  How could she be so selfish!"

I love it!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


If you ever have extensive dental work, do not go eat Mexican food 2 days later.  Trust me on this one. :0+

Thursday, February 16, 2012


We had a little 5 year old boy come in with his mom today to get an order.  He came over to sit a couple chairs away from me, so I started talking to him.  I found out he has the same name as my grandson. 

Conversation #1:
Me:  Do you spell your name with a C or a K? 
Him:  (spells his name - with a C)
Me:  My grandson spells it with a K
Him:  Why does he do that???

Conversation #2:
Him:  (stretching)  I've got growing pains.
Me: You do?
Him:  Yeah, but I don't think it's serious.  In fact, I'm probably over them already.

Conversation #3:
Mother:  Are you ready to go yet?
Him:  No
Him: (to me) You know, it's really nice just sitting here talking with you. 

Conversation #4:
Me:  (working on some embroidery)
Him:  When are you going to do the lines?
Me:  I am doing the lines, see I'm doing the stems of these flowers.
Him:  Not those lines, the other ones.
Me:  The flowers?
Him: No the other lines.
Me:  (having no idea what lines he's talking about)  I guess I'll get to them when I'm done with this.
Him:  When I come back here will you show me how you did those lines?
Me:  Sure, I bring this in my bag every day. 

Conversation #5:
Him:  I take Karate
Me:  You do?  Wow?
Him:  Yeah, I'm a white belt.
Me:  That's pretty good.
Him:  Yeah, and I can count in Japanese.
Me:  Cool!  Count for me.
Him:  (counts to 10 in Japanese).
Me:  I'm impressed!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


My husband is such a sucker for a gadget. If I ever see him answering the door when a salesman is there I have to run to the door and tell them we're not interested or he'll buy whatever they're selling. I'm not saying that this is necessarily a bad thing, although I guess it can be. I'd rather say that, in his case, it's an endearing thing. One night we were watching tv and saw a Hallmark commercial for Valentine's Day. It was a fake flower in a vase and when you push a button, it opens and says "Love You Lots" inside. When he commented that it was pretty cool, I knew I'd be getting it for Valentine's Day. Sure enough, I did. Here is is. This is not the only thing he got me, but I thought it was cute so thought I'd share it:

 One more thing...When I was shopping for a card for him I accidently picked one up that was for a husband to give to his wife.  I went ahead and read it because it was a cute card, and thought, "This is what my husband needs to give to me, this describes him exactly."  He always gets me two cards whether it's my birthday, Mother's Day, anniversary, or Valentine's Day.  He always gets one funny card (and it's usually a card that has a pop-up, or opens up somehow in the middle) and a "lovey" card.  Anyway, his funny card was the exact card that I had read and thought it described him exactly.  On the card he wrote:  "This describes me exactly!"  Do I know my husband or what?  :0)


Here's what I made the kids for Valentine's Day.  These are Tootsie Roll Pops.  Thanks to Pinterest for the idea!  I stuck them in plastic bathroom cups so they would stand up. I wish I would have taken a picture of their backs so you could see their capes, but I've already delivered them all so sorry.  I glued the felt capes to cardstock so they would stand out straight like they were flying in the wind.  :0)

Saturday, February 11, 2012


On a slow, boring day at the Storehouse:

Me:  I'm really bored, I wish a whole bunch of people would come in so we can DO something!

Mario:  You're telling me you're HOPING people are poor and needy and need food?

Me:  Oh yeah, right.  Sorry.

Case in point. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Lately I've been thinking about how much I love my life.  I really do.  Sometimes my life can get crazy and busy.  I'm truly never bored.  But quite often in the last month or so I've caught myself smiling and thinking that I really do have a great life.  The words to this song by Darryl Worley (country song)  keep coming to my head (this is the last verse of the song):

I laid in bed that night and thought about the day
And how my life is like a roller coaster ride
The ups and downs and crazy turns along the way
It'll throw you off if you don't hold on tight
You can't really smile until you've shed some tears
I could die today or I might live on for years.

I love this crazy, tragic,
Sometimes almost magic,
Awful, beautiful life