Thursday, February 16, 2012


We had a little 5 year old boy come in with his mom today to get an order.  He came over to sit a couple chairs away from me, so I started talking to him.  I found out he has the same name as my grandson. 

Conversation #1:
Me:  Do you spell your name with a C or a K? 
Him:  (spells his name - with a C)
Me:  My grandson spells it with a K
Him:  Why does he do that???

Conversation #2:
Him:  (stretching)  I've got growing pains.
Me: You do?
Him:  Yeah, but I don't think it's serious.  In fact, I'm probably over them already.

Conversation #3:
Mother:  Are you ready to go yet?
Him:  No
Him: (to me) You know, it's really nice just sitting here talking with you. 

Conversation #4:
Me:  (working on some embroidery)
Him:  When are you going to do the lines?
Me:  I am doing the lines, see I'm doing the stems of these flowers.
Him:  Not those lines, the other ones.
Me:  The flowers?
Him: No the other lines.
Me:  (having no idea what lines he's talking about)  I guess I'll get to them when I'm done with this.
Him:  When I come back here will you show me how you did those lines?
Me:  Sure, I bring this in my bag every day. 

Conversation #5:
Him:  I take Karate
Me:  You do?  Wow?
Him:  Yeah, I'm a white belt.
Me:  That's pretty good.
Him:  Yeah, and I can count in Japanese.
Me:  Cool!  Count for me.
Him:  (counts to 10 in Japanese).
Me:  I'm impressed!

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Delirious said...

So cute! 5 year olds are a special age, and they are so funny!