Thursday, February 9, 2012


Lately I've been thinking about how much I love my life.  I really do.  Sometimes my life can get crazy and busy.  I'm truly never bored.  But quite often in the last month or so I've caught myself smiling and thinking that I really do have a great life.  The words to this song by Darryl Worley (country song)  keep coming to my head (this is the last verse of the song):

I laid in bed that night and thought about the day
And how my life is like a roller coaster ride
The ups and downs and crazy turns along the way
It'll throw you off if you don't hold on tight
You can't really smile until you've shed some tears
I could die today or I might live on for years.

I love this crazy, tragic,
Sometimes almost magic,
Awful, beautiful life


Delirious said...

The title of this post reminded me of the movie with the same name. Have you seen it?

Nene said...

Yes I have seen it and I love that movie!