Thursday, January 31, 2008


Sunday is the Superbowl. This is one of Bullet for Babs favorite "holidays". I call it a holiday because that is how our famiy treats it. We all get together for dinner and to watch the game, but we really don't eat a formal meal. We eat party food. Some things we've had in the past are hot wings, taquitos, little smokies in honey mustard BBQ sauce, boiled shrimp with cocktail sauce, veggie trays with spinach dip, cheese and crackers, brownies, cookie bars, pecan pie, pecan tarts, cheesecake, queso and chips, BBQ meatballs, tortilla rollups, BBQ ribs.....that's about all I can remember, although I know there's more. My husband saw an article in the newspaper today about how the Superbowl can be dangerous for people with heart problems. He couldn't figure out why. He said, "Maybe its the stress of watching the game." I thought, "Think again."

Monday, January 28, 2008


Several of my fellow-bloggers have listed some quirky things about themselves, and even though I know it started as a tag, I decided to list some weird and quirky things about me.

1. I too have to load the dishwasher "just so". When I was a kid I used to wash dishes the same way. I would line them all up on the counter - plates first, then glasses, then serving bowls, silverware, and finally pots and pans. At least I would try to do it that way, until my mom would come along and mess everything up by putting some dish she found somewhere into my "plates" water. Sheesh. I had to make an effort to not drain out the water and start over. :0)

2. After I have been shopping to the grocery store, Target, Walmart, Sam's, or even the mall, the first thing I do when I come home is wash my hands with anti-bacterial soap.

3. I think it is so boring to go through my daily routine of showering, putting on make-up, etc. so I put on headphones and listen to books on cd every morning. I also do it at night taking off my makeup and brushing my teeth. It's amazing how fast you can listen to a book when you do it at least an hour and a half a day.

4. I am a true fanatical Harry Potter fan. I have read the books 3 or 4 times and have listened to every book on CD 4 or 5 times so far.

5. I hear tunes in my head all the time. (Not songs you hear on the radio - ones my head makes up. Not full songs, just one or two lines over and over.) I usually do this when I am stressed, and I find my fingers rubbing or tapping the tabletop, pillowcase, chair arm, or some piece of my clothing in tempo. My husband has asked me more than once as we're going to sleep, what I am doing. I don't even realize I am doing it.

6. I like to talk on the phone, but I have a hard time just calling someone and asking how they are doing unless I have a purpose to call. This excludes my parents, who I do call and just ask how they are doing. When I call them, sometimes I hardly even do any talking and just listen to how they are doing.

7. I think that if you have a problem making it through a movie because you always drink a soda and have to pee, that if you get a frozen coke (icee) you will be able to make it all the way through the movie, because the coke has to first unfreeze before it can be turned into pee.

8. I will never play a piano solo again. I will acompany someone or a choir or congregation but will not play a solo.

9. I eat oatmeal every single morning. And I love it.

10. I hate ward socials. I actually really just hate socializing at any organized events.

Friday, January 25, 2008


I had my very first manicure and pedicure today. I don't think I could have a job where I had to touch, trim, and file people's stinking feet for a living. But then I have a friend who has a job scraping and cleaning the plaque and tartar off of people's teeth. Nope. Couldn't do that either.


Our furnace is on the blink. We usually turn our furnace down to about 64 degrees at night. We have two furnaces, one for downstairs and one for upstairs. When I get home from Seminary at 7am, I turn the downstairs heater up to about 68 degrees. This morning when I got home, the thermostat was set on 64 but it was 62 and the heater hadn't come on. My husband tried to get it to come on, but couldn't, so we had to call a repairman. We have used this repairman since we moved into this house 3 years ago, and in fact, he is the one who installed this furnace then. He is a pretty honest guy and does a good job. Between him and my husband, over the phone they decided it was the fan motor, but John told us he couldn't get us a new motor until Monday, so we turned it off so it wouldn't try to come on anymore. I have about 4 of those ceramic heaters, so I got some of those and turned them on. So far it hasn't dropped below 60 degrees, but then it is a really nice sunny day and it is about 40-45 degrees outside. I'm glad we have the upstairs to go to so we can get warm. I wondered if I stayed downstairs if I could shiver off a few pounds? Do you use more calories to keep warm? Might be worth a try.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Check out this video of an old guy singing, "I Just Don't Look Good Naked Anymore!"
It's hilarious!


A couple of months ago I decided I needed a new hair cut. I had been letting my hair grow for about a year and a half and it was down to my shoulders. Unfortunately because menopause and double knee surgery happened at about the same time, both at once threw my body into such shock that my hair started falling out. I would shampoo my hair in the shower and have to stop and literally rinse the handful of hair off my hands before I could continue shampooing. Now don't worry, my hair used to be really thick, so it's not like I'm bald or anything. Also the handfuls of hair in the shower have stopped and just this month when I got my hair cut again, my hairdresser told me I had a lot of new growth on top. Anyway, when I went to the hair salon in October, I went to a very upscale salon, confident that I would get just the hair style that would make me look fabulous at the wedding of my son. When I walked out, I looked like a completely different person, but not in a good way. The hair stylist had washed, shampooed, put anti-friz stuff on my hair and blow-dried it with a special "paddle" so it would be perfectly straight - and it was. The problem was, I didn't recall asking him to blow-dry it perfectly straight. It literally looked like someone had taken some paper, cut it into strips and glued it to my head - that's how straight it was. As I walked out of the salon, it dawned on me why he had styled my hair like that - every stylist in the salon had perfectly smooth and straight hair - whether it was long or short. Unfortunately when I got home, I had to leave to go to a religious ceremony with my husband and son and his fiance, so I had to go looking like that. I got some very strange looks from people who knew me. My husband hated my hair. He asked me why they had blow-dried it straight and said he liked my hair - in his words - "poofy".

So this month I went to a different salon. This time I took a picture that I had gotten off a hairstyling web site. When I showed it to the hair stylist, she told me it was way too "high-maintenence". That was okay, I had brought several pictures of hairstyles I liked. We settled on another one, and she cut my hair. Well, I'm still trying to figure out how to style it. I didn't really like the way she styled it in the salon. But since I already made another appointment with her in February, I guess I'll just leave it and go to her again, and maybe she can "tweak" it a little and maybe get closer to what I'm wanting. I keep threatening to just grow it long and wear it in a braid down my back. I saw a lady at the movies a couple of weeks ago that had gray hair and she was wearing her hair like that. I liked it on her. She was also dressed with a bit of an attitude too, so maybe that's why it looked good. Maybe that's what I need. I don't need a hairstyle that makes me look like everyone else. I need a hairstyle that makes me look like I have an attitude. ;o>

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Remember the two boys in my class who were at odds with each other? (See blog entry, "Don't Worry, Be Happy.) Last Tuesday, which was the first day back after the Christmas holidays, I got those two boys together in a meeting while the rest of the class was having their lesson. One of the boys had been out of town during the Christmas holidays, so this was the first chance I had. I took the boys into another room and told them I was going to do some talking first and then they could decide if they wanted to go ahead and work it out or just forget it and go back to class.

I started by going over the reason we were there, recalling the incident when the supposed "racial slur" occurred. I apologized to both of them for not handling it right then, since I was teaching at the time. But then I told the boy who took offense that I know that the boy who said the supposed "slur" did not mean what he said, because I know that he would never have said anything like that to offend him and I told him that if the roles were reversed that I know that HE would never say anything like that either. I told him the boy was in the wrong for saying it, and he was also in the wrong for not apologizing immediately. But I told him that HE was in the wrong for taking offense. Then I handed them each a talk by Elder Bednar where he says it is impossible for people in the church today to be offended, and if we are offended it is because we CHOOSE to take offense. I had high-lighted a few sentences in the talk that stated that and read it to them and asked them to each take the talk home and read it. When I finished, I asked each boy if they wanted to work it out or if they wanted to just go back to class and they both agreed they wanted to work it out. I told them I would leave the room, but they both wanted me to stay. So then I just sat back and let them talk. The boy who was offended spoke first and admitted he was the one who started it since he took offense and he said he didn't like the person he had become since then. He apologized to the other boy, and then that boy also apologized. I talked to them a little more after that - mainly telling them how much the Lord loved them, and the reason I knew that is because of how He motivated several people to get involved in this to help these boys work this out so they wouldn't be offended and wouldn't possibly set this as a pattern to follow in their life - either to offend, or to be offended. I also told them to pray for each other. They shook hands, and even hugged each other - and then they went back to class while I went to find a kleenex to blow my nose. :0)

I felt good about it and I think things are going to be okay now. Just thought you might be interested.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


New Year's Day my husband and I went out to dinner to celebrate my birthday, which was the next day. We went to Chili's, which is one of my favorite restaurants. My husband was having a hard time trying to decide what to get and commented on that. I told him, "Order whatever you want, because tomorrow we start our diet!" He did. He ordered chips and salsa to start, Country-Fried Steak with mashed potatoes and gravy. I had a Fajita Pita with NO FRIES. I was supposed to get soup instead but they took so long I finally said forget it. Then we both shared the Molten Chocolate Cake. Mmmmmm.

I read an article that said that in today's world, we eat more calories spoonful for spoonful than our grandparents did. If that's the case, then today's food can't be more healthy for you. If it were, it would be more nutricious, but LESS calories. I remember the days when I used to eat at McDonalds on a regular basis. I don't dare do that now. In fact I can hardly remember the last time I ate a hamburger. It's too bad I'm not filthy rich and could afford to hire a personal chef. I could have my chef make all my food low-fat. Maybe I could just hire someone to follow me around and yell at me when I eat something I shouldn't. Oh wait, that's what I do for my husband. And I don't even charge him. :0) That's why I'm making HIM diet also. Because when I usually try to diet he turns into my evil twin and tricks me into eating what he eats. We went to the movie last Monday. We had also gone to another movie Friday and we had shared a large buttered popcorn. So when we went to a different movie on Monday (and since it was only 10:30 am) I told him all I wanted was a bottle of water. I went to the restroom and when I caught up with him at the concession stand, there he stood with his large Coke Icee and a large buttered popcorn. He handed me my bottle of water. We went into the movie and I tried to be good. But right before the movie started, I caved. I said to him, "Great, now I have to go to the concession stand and get me a large Coke Icee so I can eat your stupid popcorn!" He just smiled.


A couple of weeks ago I was tending my granddaughter. She had to go potty, so when I was helping her put her jeans back on I was standing behind her and bending over her. She sniffed and said, "What's that smell?" I said, "I don't know, what smell?" She said, "Oh...just a mother."