Friday, January 25, 2008


Our furnace is on the blink. We usually turn our furnace down to about 64 degrees at night. We have two furnaces, one for downstairs and one for upstairs. When I get home from Seminary at 7am, I turn the downstairs heater up to about 68 degrees. This morning when I got home, the thermostat was set on 64 but it was 62 and the heater hadn't come on. My husband tried to get it to come on, but couldn't, so we had to call a repairman. We have used this repairman since we moved into this house 3 years ago, and in fact, he is the one who installed this furnace then. He is a pretty honest guy and does a good job. Between him and my husband, over the phone they decided it was the fan motor, but John told us he couldn't get us a new motor until Monday, so we turned it off so it wouldn't try to come on anymore. I have about 4 of those ceramic heaters, so I got some of those and turned them on. So far it hasn't dropped below 60 degrees, but then it is a really nice sunny day and it is about 40-45 degrees outside. I'm glad we have the upstairs to go to so we can get warm. I wondered if I stayed downstairs if I could shiver off a few pounds? Do you use more calories to keep warm? Might be worth a try.

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Stick said...

Yes, shivering and cold weather cause you to burn more calories. So leave that furnace off and shiver yourself to a thnner new you!