Saturday, January 19, 2008


A couple of months ago I decided I needed a new hair cut. I had been letting my hair grow for about a year and a half and it was down to my shoulders. Unfortunately because menopause and double knee surgery happened at about the same time, both at once threw my body into such shock that my hair started falling out. I would shampoo my hair in the shower and have to stop and literally rinse the handful of hair off my hands before I could continue shampooing. Now don't worry, my hair used to be really thick, so it's not like I'm bald or anything. Also the handfuls of hair in the shower have stopped and just this month when I got my hair cut again, my hairdresser told me I had a lot of new growth on top. Anyway, when I went to the hair salon in October, I went to a very upscale salon, confident that I would get just the hair style that would make me look fabulous at the wedding of my son. When I walked out, I looked like a completely different person, but not in a good way. The hair stylist had washed, shampooed, put anti-friz stuff on my hair and blow-dried it with a special "paddle" so it would be perfectly straight - and it was. The problem was, I didn't recall asking him to blow-dry it perfectly straight. It literally looked like someone had taken some paper, cut it into strips and glued it to my head - that's how straight it was. As I walked out of the salon, it dawned on me why he had styled my hair like that - every stylist in the salon had perfectly smooth and straight hair - whether it was long or short. Unfortunately when I got home, I had to leave to go to a religious ceremony with my husband and son and his fiance, so I had to go looking like that. I got some very strange looks from people who knew me. My husband hated my hair. He asked me why they had blow-dried it straight and said he liked my hair - in his words - "poofy".

So this month I went to a different salon. This time I took a picture that I had gotten off a hairstyling web site. When I showed it to the hair stylist, she told me it was way too "high-maintenence". That was okay, I had brought several pictures of hairstyles I liked. We settled on another one, and she cut my hair. Well, I'm still trying to figure out how to style it. I didn't really like the way she styled it in the salon. But since I already made another appointment with her in February, I guess I'll just leave it and go to her again, and maybe she can "tweak" it a little and maybe get closer to what I'm wanting. I keep threatening to just grow it long and wear it in a braid down my back. I saw a lady at the movies a couple of weeks ago that had gray hair and she was wearing her hair like that. I liked it on her. She was also dressed with a bit of an attitude too, so maybe that's why it looked good. Maybe that's what I need. I don't need a hairstyle that makes me look like everyone else. I need a hairstyle that makes me look like I have an attitude. ;o>

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