Sunday, January 13, 2008


Remember the two boys in my class who were at odds with each other? (See blog entry, "Don't Worry, Be Happy.) Last Tuesday, which was the first day back after the Christmas holidays, I got those two boys together in a meeting while the rest of the class was having their lesson. One of the boys had been out of town during the Christmas holidays, so this was the first chance I had. I took the boys into another room and told them I was going to do some talking first and then they could decide if they wanted to go ahead and work it out or just forget it and go back to class.

I started by going over the reason we were there, recalling the incident when the supposed "racial slur" occurred. I apologized to both of them for not handling it right then, since I was teaching at the time. But then I told the boy who took offense that I know that the boy who said the supposed "slur" did not mean what he said, because I know that he would never have said anything like that to offend him and I told him that if the roles were reversed that I know that HE would never say anything like that either. I told him the boy was in the wrong for saying it, and he was also in the wrong for not apologizing immediately. But I told him that HE was in the wrong for taking offense. Then I handed them each a talk by Elder Bednar where he says it is impossible for people in the church today to be offended, and if we are offended it is because we CHOOSE to take offense. I had high-lighted a few sentences in the talk that stated that and read it to them and asked them to each take the talk home and read it. When I finished, I asked each boy if they wanted to work it out or if they wanted to just go back to class and they both agreed they wanted to work it out. I told them I would leave the room, but they both wanted me to stay. So then I just sat back and let them talk. The boy who was offended spoke first and admitted he was the one who started it since he took offense and he said he didn't like the person he had become since then. He apologized to the other boy, and then that boy also apologized. I talked to them a little more after that - mainly telling them how much the Lord loved them, and the reason I knew that is because of how He motivated several people to get involved in this to help these boys work this out so they wouldn't be offended and wouldn't possibly set this as a pattern to follow in their life - either to offend, or to be offended. I also told them to pray for each other. They shook hands, and even hugged each other - and then they went back to class while I went to find a kleenex to blow my nose. :0)

I felt good about it and I think things are going to be okay now. Just thought you might be interested.


Delirious said...

Cool. There may be a future profession in this for you. ;)

keira said...

I'm glad it went so well. I know it's a big load off your shoulders.

JustOneMom said...

You provided for them an opportunity to grow from boys to men. You are a great teacher because you care about your students.