Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I bought this CD last week and have been listening to it. There is just something about a cello that I love. I have another one of his CDS, but I really like this one. The other one of his that I have is his "Solo" CD. It has some good songs on it, but it also has some weird stuff. Delirious might like some of them, because there are a few Chinese songs that he does. I love instrumental music...sometimes words just get in the way.


Inklings said...

I haven't heard his cds, but I also love instrumental music and also feel that sometimes the words get in the way. I love music with strings.

Delirious said...

Oh, I love Yo Yo Ma. I haven't listened to his music in a long time though. I need to buy a CD of his. By the way, if it's the character I think it is, his name means excellent. :)

Stace-Ghost said...

The other day in class we were talking about the Enlightenment and I took time to talk about Bach and Mozart. I let them listen to parts from famous songs and we drew pictures of images that came to our minds as we listened to Mozart's Symphony #25 (I know the pictures don't have much to do with history but I still like letting them be creative sometimes). I told my students that the thing I love about classical music is that you can interpret it anyway you want. I agree, sometimes words get in the way.