Thursday, March 20, 2008


Today is my 5th child's birthday! Happy Birthday, Bullet for Babs! I thought I'd blog a little bit about him today. When I decided I wanted just one more baby, I had to talk my husband into it. I "promised" him it would be a boy. I told him that I knew that it would be a boy. I don't know how I knew, but I did. Bullet for Babs brother also knew he would be a boy. My husband used to tell me that I should prepare Survival Knife, just in case it wasn't a boy, but Survival Knife never waivered. He would tell me, "No! He's a boy!"

When Bullet for Babs was little, I used to call him my "Sweet Baboo". We also called him "Boogie Down Baby" because he always liked a song with a good beat. When ever a rock song would come on, he would rock back and forth in his crib, high chair, car seat, play pen, or whatever in tempo with the music. In fact by the time he was 2 he had rocked his crib so much that I couldn't tighten the screws anymore and we had to take it down and junk it.

When he was only a year old he could throw a ball straight to you. He could also catch it if you threw it back. We couldn't believe how good he could throw. His favorite things were balls. "Ball" was even one of his first words.

Bullet for Babs loved to wear his Superman cape whenever he was at home, and would wear it all the time. It was actually a Superman/Batman cape, because it was reversible. Whenever we left to go out, I would make him take it off and then he would always wear a baseball cap whenever he went anywhere. He continued this until he was well into his teens and then he quit wearing a baseball cap because it messed up his hair.

Here's a story Bullet for Babs wrote when he was in school. Unfortunately, I don't know how old he was because it didn't have a date on it. I have typed it exactly like he wrote it, with no corrections:

"I like creamy peanut butter. I like it because it is a lot better than crunchy peanut butter. It tastes good. I think people should like creamy peanut butter because if you're eating crunchy peanut butter and you see a movie with a bug it will feel like you're eating the bug. I like creamy peanut butter because you can use it to make creamy peanut butter cookies.
"I like creamy peanut because it is more like butter and butter is not crunchy. I like creamy peanut butter because I like it to go through my teeth. I think people should like creamy peanut butter instead of crunchy is that creamy slides down your throat and crunchy you have to chew it and sometimes the nuts in crunchy peanut butter gets stuck in your teeth and you have to take forever to pick it out."



Bullet for Babs said...

Thanks Mom...I actually wondered if you had forgot that it was my birthday since you didn't say anything when you called me today...By the way, Stacy is blogging can read it at

Amber said...

LOL That cracked me up - I had forgotten some of these! I just love our sweet baboo! LOL

Native Minnow said...

Love the reasoning on why creamy peanut butter is better than crunchy.

Stace-Ghost said...

I am so glad you posted these memories! I love hearing about Babs when he was little...him rocking in that crib was a definitely a foreshadowing of his love of music!!