Monday, March 31, 2008


Yesterday was my son, Survival Knife's birthday. Due to helping with a wedding all weekend and doing a big belated Easter/Triple Birthday dinner yesterday, I am blogging about his birthday today. Survival Knife was my first boy after 3 girls and 2 miscarriages. Here are some funny stories about him.

When he was about 4 we had been out doing errands and I decided to go stop at McDonalds and get everyone a soda. When I pulled up to the drive-up window to order, I asked the kids what they wanted to drink. Survival Knife said, "I don't want anything to drink - I don't want to drink and drive!"

One day Survival Knife came up to me and said, "Mama, why don't we kill our dog and buy a cat?" I said, "Heavens no! We love our dog!" He said, 'Well, I like cats too!"

One morning Survival Knife woke up about 5am and came and got in bed with us and went back to sleep. When I got up at 7am, I noticed that he was smiling and laughing in his sleep. Later he woke up at 7:30 and when he came into the kitchen he told Gilbert Girl, "I close my eyes and go to sleep and I dream about [Delirious]. Gilbert Girl tried to find out what his dream was about but all he could remember is that it was about Delirious.

Our family had been reading the Book of Mormon and we took turns reading. One day Amberlilies was reading and Survival Knife came over to me and whispered, "Can I read? I never get to read, 'And it came to pass'. I let him read the last two verses of that chapter, both of which started with 'And it came to pass'."

When Bullet for Babs was born, Survival Knife was about 4. I told Knife that all Babs could eat was milk and water because he was just newly born. The first time I nursed Babs in front of Survival Knife he looked at me funny so I told him Babs was drinking milk. Knife said, "What comes out of the other one, water?"

One summer when Knife was 4, I had to have him and Amberlilies share a bedroom. Knife didn't like this and didn't want to share a room with her. He was more of a neat freak than she was. He would come to me periodically throughout the day and say, "[Amberlilies] messed up my room, come and clean it up."

Gilbert Girl had a toy and was acting like she was going to hit Survival Knife with it. He got up and went to the toy box and got Amberlilies space helmet, put it on and went back and sat down by Gilbert Girl.

We're glad it's your birthday, dear Survival Knife!
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you!
We sing you this song for your birthday!
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you!

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Rintor said...

I can see where Ginger gets her sense of humor and unique view of the world around her.

Since it was Dad's birthday as well you should write about when you two first met, a funny story about when you were dating, how he proposed, etc? ;)