Friday, March 28, 2008


Today is my husband's birthday. I'm a terrible person. I forgot what day it was. Now, I didn't forget his birthday. I just forgot to keep track of the days. I didn't realize that today's date was the 28th. Anyway, this blog is devoted to him.

I met my husband through a mutual friend. My friend and I were at the local teenage hangout - a drive-in fast food place called the Hi-D-Ho. She was in her car and I was in mine and we were talking to each other with our windows down. All of a sudden she said, "I'll be right back" and started her car and drove off. Come to find out, she had seen my husband and his friends circle the drive-in and went to chase them down. She had gone to high school in their town which was about 2 1/2 hours south of our town. In a few minutes she came back in their car. The reason they were in our town, was that they were there to go to college. Only they had basically messed around and not really attended enough to get credit. We hung out with them that night. A few days later (can't remember how long) my friend called me to say that my husband wanted to go out with me. I told her that if he wanted to go out with me then he needed to call me himself and ask me. He didn't. I saw him the next night at a party with another girl. So I ignored him. A few more days went by and my friend and I were up at the Hi-D-Ho again and here they came again. We hung out with them again, and then started dating. In 2 weeks we were engaged, and 2 months later we were married. We have been married for 38 years.

My husband is a do-it-yourselfer. I think he can fix anything. One time we bought an old Ford cargo van and decided to customize it. He had bought windows for it but had never put windows in before. I was helping him and he knew I was kind of nervous about actually cutting a hole for the windows since we had never done this before. After he cut the hole, he handed me the sheet of metal and said, very seriously, "Now put this someplace safe, because we might have to weld it back if the window doesn't fit." I almost had a heart attack! I yelled, "WHAT?!!" When he started laughing, I knew he had just said that to get my goat.

Here are some things I love about him: When he listens to me I truly believe he is interested in what I have to say, He gets the morning paper for me, he never forgets my birthday or our anniversary, I used to think we were very different, but now I see that we are alike in many ways. He thinks I'm funny. He still flirts with me. He loves his children and grandchildren. He loves me in spite of my shortcomings. He was my biggest strength when I had my operation to have my both my knees replaced. He worries about me still. He is a hard worker. He has remained strong in the church even though he is the only member in his family. He loves my family.

Happy Birthday! I love you!

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