Wednesday, November 30, 2011


There is a children's song that says:
"I know my Father lives and loves me too
The Spirit whispers this to me and tells me it is true,
And tells me it is true."

So lastly, to end my month of Gratitude, I am thankful for my Heavenly Father and the knowledge that He knows me personally and cares about me.  I recently read a book called, Divine Signatures by Gerald Lund.  In this book he writes about the blessings that the Lord gives us and that some of them are so tailored to us and our circumstances that it was as if the Lord signed His signature to it.  When this happens, it is a tender mercy to us to affirm that the Lord knows who we are and what we are going through.  I've had a few of these in my life.  

Sometimes we might have to sing the children's song above to ourselves, or at least say the words over and over to remind ourselves that the Lord does love us.  When we are going through a trial it is particularly hard to remember that the Lord loves us.  We even may "curse God" and wonder why He is putting us through this.  But next time this happens to you, stop and very carefully look around and listen.  You might find some things in your life at that time with the Lord's signature on them; proof to you that He does indeed know what you're going through, and proof to you that He also does indeed love you very much. 

I know this, and I'm very thankful for that knowledge.


Delirious said...

I see those signatures all the time! :)

Inklings said...

Me too.