Friday, November 27, 2009


Ok, now that my "serious" gratitude list has been written, here is my "not so serious" gratitude list. Here are some things I say, "Thank goodness" for:

1) A comfortable king-size bed with a down comforter - Since I first discovered down comforters (and actually mine is down-alternative), I will never be without one. A comfortable, roomy bed makes all the difference in the world for a good-nights sleep.

2) Chocolate - I like dark chocolate the best, but I love it all - milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate, with nuts or without, and even the creamy centers!

3) Harry Potter CDs - both the books on CD and the movie soundtracks - It may sound juvenile to you, but these are my "stress-relievers". I listen to one or the other every day.

4) A sense of humor - both mine and in anyone else. We need a little humor in this world.

5) The Internet - email, blogging, sending IM's, family chat, online shopping, Google (I've decided that you can google ANYTHING).

6) IPods - Haven't got one yet, but I'm getting one for Christmas - Portable music and audio books to carry wherever you go.

7) Ice - I have learned to appreciate this more living in a country who doesn't believe in serving it in your drinks. :0)

8) US Airport Security - You can say all you want, they're a little more lax in other countries, which is a little scary!

9) Jackets - probably my most favorite article of clothing. You can't have too many.
I wish I could wear them year round.

10) Books - I probably read a book a week, unless it's really thick. I read everyday for an hour while I eat my lunch.


Dee Ice Hole said...

Jackets, gloves and heavy wool socks are my favorite things---I have lots of each---and am always happy to get another of any of the above.

Bullet for Babs said...

I don't know how you can listen to the Harry Potter CDs everyday but I guess whatever floats your boat...

Nene said...

Sorry, I meant to say that yes, I listen to the Harry Potter books everyday, but that is just now since I've been re-listening to the whole series. I decided to start on book 7 and go back down and now I'm finally on book 1. I really don't listen to them every single day of my life. :0)