Sunday, November 15, 2009


My mom used to sing this song to me starting when I was a little girl, all the way up into my teens, because I used to go barefoot all the time. As I was driving to church today, I heard this exact recording on the radio. I have never heard the entire song. Mom sang to us all the time, but only snippets of songs, never the whole thing. Anyway, it's got some cute lyrics in it, so I posted the lyrics below the video. He doesn't sing the first part in this recording, but I included them in the lyrics below anyway.

Put Your Shoes On Lucy
Got an invitation to visit Manhattan
With my highfalutin' kin
Sent off to the catalog to get some clothes
Felt so stylish from my head to my toes

Seen all the sights and I even did some flirtin'
I was doin' alright till my feet started hurtin'
So I kicked off my shoes when I thought they couldn't see
But they must have, 'cos this is what they all said to me

Put your shoes on, Lucy, don't you know you're in the city
Put your shoes on, Lucy, it's really such a pity
That Lucy can't go barefoot wherever she goes
'Cause she loves to feel the wiggle of her toes

Put your shoes on Lucy 'cause you're here in old New York
You'll get by alrighty if you let 'em hear you talk
All the city slickers love that southern drawl
So give 'em that "Honey chile" and "Hi, y'all"

Lucy, let the good things happen
Lucy, won't you stop that gapin'
How you act will be the death of me
Don't they have skyscrapers down in Tennessee

Put your shoes on, Lucy, even though they kinda pinch
Stop baulkin', you gotta do some walkin', it's a cinch
Use your party manners, you'll need them and how
Put your shoes on Lucy, you're a big girl now


Nene said...

By the way - the YouTube video didn't say who this was by, but after researching it on Google, I've decided this must be Russ Morgan and His Orchesta singing this recording.

Delirious said...

Thanks for posting this! Mom always used to sing that to me too, and I have to admit that I've sang it to my kids. Of course they had no idea what I was talking about, and I didn't really either, but it was such a habit to sing it. It's nice to hear the real song!

Inklings said...

I always thought Mom made that song up, so it was nice to hear the real song!

Nene said...

PS. Other people who recorded this were The Five Smith Brothers, Anne Shelton, Petula Clark (in fact this was the first song she recorded) and Hank Fort (who was a woman. I saw a couple of places that said this was a big hit in the UK - both Anne Shelton and Petula Clark released it in the UK.