Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I was filling out one of those email surveys everyone sends you and this memory came to my mind, so I thought I'd blog about it.

One night when I was a teenager some friends and I started talking about Buddy Holly. For those of you that don't know him, he was a singer back in the 60's. Some people think he was the most influential person to affect rock n' roll, because his music inspired groups like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, etc. His career only lasted about a year and a half, because he was killed in an airplane crash. People have referred to that day as "The Day the Music Died." Buddy Holly lived, and was buried, in a town that I grew up in as a teenager - Lubbock, Texas.

This night that we were talking about him, my friends mentioned that he was buried in the graveyard across town. We decided that we would go there and see his grave. So my friends Nece, Danny, Billy, Randy and I all took off for the graveyard. Just to mention, these guys were not our boyfriends, just boys that were our friends. Now according to these friends, Buddy Holly's grave was at the curve of the graveyard road, under a tree. We drove past it and we all looked at it, but by then they had all been talking about some other things in the graveyard.

One of these things was The Tomb of the Triplet Sisters. We went into the tomb, and since it was dark, Randy flicked his lighter so we could see the pictures on the side of the tomb. There were the pictures of the Three Triplet Sisters. They all had dark hair, and must have been dead for a while, because their picture was old fashioned - like they had taken the picture in the 1930's or 40's and were pretty freaky looking. I thought it especially strange that all three sisters were buried in that tomb. My friends even said that the tomb went underground and there was some kind of elevator that took you down, but I never saw anything like that. Of course, staying in the tomb and looking for the elevator was not on my top priority. Getting out of that tomb was my top priority.

We went from The Tomb of the Triplet Sisters to The Statue of the Walking Angel. This was a great big lifesize white statue of an angel in the center of the graveyard. My friends said that if you kissed his feet he would walk. Nece, and I decided to stand up on his statue base and put our arms around his shoulders. When we did, that is when Billy, leaned over and kissed his feet. We didn't stay around to see if he walked or not. We jumped down and started running for the car. We all piled in and drove off, not even looking back. We had scared ourselves silly and a graveyard near midnight was just not the place to be. This is an actual picture of The Walking Angel in the Lubbock Cemetary, although the website calls the angel "Umlauf Angel". In the email survey I was filling out, I had thought it was a statue of Jesus. After going to the Lubbock Cemetery website, I found this picture of the Angel. It's funny how years later my mind melded that angel into Jesus. :0)


Amber said...

that was a cool story, you did such fun things when you were younger!

Inklings said...

Thanks for sharing. I never knew about all that and never made it to the cemetery, either.

Bullet for Babs said...

That is a cool story. We never really did things like that when I was younger. Going to scary places to give ourselves a scare I mean.