Friday, July 24, 2009


My Mom has had cancer twice in the past year. In November, she had breast cancer and had a masectomy and in June she had colon cancer and had a foot of her colon removed. I was wondering what all the "ribbon colors" meant so I googled "cancer colors and meanings". I already knew that a pink ribbon is the color for breast cancer.

I found out that either a blue or brown ribbon can stand for colon cancer, while a lavendar ribbon signifies all cancers.

Mom just found out from a recent PET scan that she doesn't have any more cancer in her body. She was amazed, because I think she had been preparing herself for the worst. I think we all do that. In fact I think that is exactly what we all have been doing. When she found out that there was no more cancer, she kept wondering why she was so blessed? Whaever the reason, I'm glad and profoundly thankful. I'm just not ready to lose my mom quite yet.

Like my new blog quote says: "Do not believe in miracles. Rely on them."


Delirious said...

My mother in law is also a colon cancer survivor. My father in law is a prostate cancer survivor. The color of ribbon for prostate cancer is baby blue. I bought the pin when I walked in the ...hmm, can't remember what they call those walkathons.

As I told Inklings, I believe she has survived partly due to her obeying the commandment to honor her father and her mother that her days would be long on the earth. Not only has she honored her father and mother, but she has honored all of her ancestors by doing their geneology.

Delirious said...

By the way, I went in for my regular mammogram the other day. I told the technician that my mother had breast cancer. She asked how old she was. When I told her, she said, "Well, they say that if you live long enough you will get some kind of cancer." Her reaction was that our risks of breast cancer aren't as great as if our mother had gotten breast cancer as a younger woman.

Amber said...

Amen. I am so glad she is cancer free!! :D

Inklings said...

I love that comment. Dee Ice has a purple ribbon that signifies remembering fallen firefighters, plus a black band to put over his badge.