Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I've been reading a lot of books since I got to Ireland. Sometimes I am reading 2 or 3 at a time. Mainly because I keep one upstairs and one downstairs. :0) Here's a list of the books I have read since I got here in December:

The Tales of Beadle the Bard
The Black Swan
The Pemberly Chronicles
The Romantic Story of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
The Book Thief
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime
Anna Karenina
To Kill a Mockingbird
The Alchemist - Nicholaus Flamel Series
The Magician - Nicholaus Flamel Series
The Sorceress - Nicholaus Flamel Series
The Devil Wears Prad
The House at Riverton
The Thief Lord
Dream of Orchids
Artemis Fowl Series #1-3
Mrs. Arris Goes to Paris
Angels and Demons
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
The Road
Journey to the River Sea
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Angela's Ashes
The 5 Children and It
The Enchanted Castle
The Star of Kazan
The Woman Without a Past
Light From Heaven
Listen for the Whisperer
O' Pioneers
The Woman in White
The Porter Rockwall Series #1&2
Breaking Dawn
A Countess Below Stairs
The Secret Life of Bees

I also finished the Old Testament and am half-way through The Book of Mormon, and half-way through The Doctrine and Covenants. :0)

I think I need to get a library card...


Delirious said...

Wow, there are some really good books on that list! I'm like you, I usually have several books that I read at once. But it takes me longer to read them because I don't spend as much time reading as you do. Today I started, "Standing for Something" by Pres. Hinckley. I'm still reading Angela's Ashes, and the John Muir Book. Somewhere I have "The Shack", but haven't been able to find where I laid it down.

Bullet for Babs said...

That's more books then I've read in the last five years. I just don't read like I used to.

Nene said...

Really about the only times I read is 1)While I'm eating lunch, 2)While I'm brushing my teeth (since I do this twice a day and it takes me like 7 minutes, 3)maybe before I go to bed. I usually sit at lunch and read even after I finish eating. Maybe an hour. Then if my day is REALLY boring, I might read sometime again.

Nene said...

I keep track of the books I read on Since I hadn't updated it, I missed two books. So and to this list: The Kite Runner, and The Thirteenth Tale.

Inklings said...

Those are some really good books, and I agree, you need to get a library card. :0)I'm a reader, too.

Amber said...

I thought you got one a long time ago - yeah you need to get one (or you could go check out a used book store, think of all the cool old irish books you could find!)

Nene said...

To get a library card I have to have a picture ID, which I do - my Irish Registration card, and a Utility bill, which I don't, because Intel pays all our bills. We're trying to figure out what I could use. I'm not sure I can get one. Hopefully we'll figure something out.