Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Today is Gilbert Girl's birthday. Once again I will share some memories in honor of her birthday.

Gilbert Girl was born during a baby boom. The hospital was so crowded they were putting 3 people to a room, using labor and delivery rooms for regular maternity rooms, and women in labor were having to just be in the hall. They even ran out of those plexiglas basinets and were putting the babies in some cardboard ones they had for emergencies. I was only in labor with her for an hour and a half.

When Gilbert Girl was about 2 1/2 I used to take her to Primary with me and put her in the nursery. Only she wouldn't go into the nursery. This was when we had Primary during the week after school. So whenever it was my turn to conduct, I had to take her on the stand with me. This came to a screaching halt one day, when I realized that instead of standing reverently beside me as I was conducting, she was instead standing beside the podium sticking her tongue out and making faces at all the Primary children. I'm sure you can imagine the kids'reaction to that. So the next week I threatened her that if she didn't go into the nursery, I would call her dad as soon as he got home from work (back then he usually was home by 5:15) and he would come get her. She didn't go into the nursery, I called her dad, he came and got her and took her home. The next week she went into the nursery.

When Gilbert Girl was about 5 we went to visit my Grandparents. My Grandfather had been very ill and he actually died a few months later. While we were there, she and Native Minnow took a special interest in Grandpa. I think they were worried about him. Every time he got up, they would go to him and take his hands and help him walk around. They walked him around the house, and even around the yard. He didn't speak much to them, but we knew he liked having them do it, because if they weren't around and he went to get up, he would say, "Where's that boy and girl?"

When she was 4 1/2 she got to be Mary in a Nativity scene for Christmas in Primary. She said she didn't want her dad and I to come in and if we did she wouldn't do it. We stood in the hall and peeked through the back door.

When Gilbert Girl was small I swear she had ESP. Many times she would say something that had to do with what I was thinking at the moment. I used to even try and test her. For some reason it seemed like whenever we were in the car was the best time. I would think of something and sure enough, she would comment on it. Sometimes it was even like she was finishing a thought I had.

Gilbert Girl had her handwriting analyzed by her Aunt Delirious. Here is what Delirious said about her: (which I think describes her)

-positive drive and determination
-very sensitive to pleasures of life, doesn’t like to overdo it. (For example: May appreciate a sundae with fewer toppings.)
-wants to get on with life
-disciplined and organized but busy
-adaptable nature in relationships
-good balance of giving time to self and others
-likes to be in control of emotions
-likes to take time to get to know people (more slowly)
-rational, get-to-the-point
-likes to be involved with others
-easily bored with routine
-interested in many different things, wants to do it all
-comfortable with self, same in public as in private
-unsure if she wants to be independent
-does not need continuity of thought to arrive at conclusion
-somewhat intuitive indecision making process
-confident in appearance
-a person of conviction



gilbert girl said...

thanks, mom...when did you get that handwriting analysis (and when)? i don't think i've ever seen that before..i should have her do it again to see if i've changed any...

PsychDoctor said...

Happy birthday...don't you know GG, you can't leave any samples of writing around Delirious... :) She probably got it off a thank you note you sent her when you got married... :)

Epitome of Sweetness said...

I want her to do mine, yet I'm scared for her to do mine. :)