Tuesday, August 12, 2008

HAPPY 50th STICKS!!!!!

Today is my younger brother Sticks 50th Birthday!!! Wow! I feel so old! Here are some memories I have of him:

I remember when he fell off the landing on the stairs. He had a bad cut under his chin - it was really deep, and I think he crushed some of his teeth. I had to hold the washcloth under his chin to keep the wound from gaping open while Mom called the doctor.

When he was a kid, I remember one of his favorite things to eat was macaroni and cheese.

Sticks was a very happy, easy going kid, always smiling.

I remember once when Mom had picked us up from elementary school, she had just turned the corner and was driving in front of the junior high and Stick's car door came open and he started to fall out. Mom looked around and told me to grab him. I did, but had just caught his shoe, which came off and he fell out the door onto the street. Mom stopped the car, I jumped out and ran back to get him. He was okay, but was crying because his school paper had got torn.

I will not tell the toliet flushing story since it is his birthday. :0)

I remember him and Twist sitting right in front of the old black and white console tv watching cartoons all the time.

I can also remember Sticks and Twist pinning bath towels around their necks so they could be Superman. I remember Sticks "playing Superman" and jumping onto the bed in the basement, only to hit his head. I also remember standing on the porch with him and he fell somehow and hit his head on a concrete block. And no, I had nothing to do with either time!! :0+

I remember after I got married, he came to my house and had a big huge boa constrictor in a bag that he was taking out to BYU. I think that was the year of the Olympics and we all sat and watched the Olympics together.

Here are 50 things that describe Sticks: happy, cheerful, hugger, mountain man, woodcarver, trail boss, smiling, bright eyes, great dad, loving husband, strong, easy going, whistler, priesthood bearer, teacher, dependable, teaser, brother, comedian, singer, guitar player, country boy, horseshoe thrower, knife throwing, gun shooting, fisherman, cook, camper, always there for you, big bear hug, cute, dimples, joker, great, loveable, marvelous, ready, son, wonderful,laughing, budding writer, poet, patriotic, missionary, lizard catcher,horny toad catcher, frog-leg eater, over-the-hill, catching up with his sister, fabulously 50 year-old!!!!

Have a great 50th birthday Sticks!!! I love you!!


Delirious said...

Wow..how did you think of so many things???

Twist's Tales said...

Actually, I was the one who fell off the porch railing and put a hole in my head. Sticks put the hole in his head jumping on the bed in the basement. I still have my scar.