Thursday, April 4, 2013


When I had my surgery to fix my broken ankle I had a dream.  I didn't really know that you could dream while under anesthesia, but I guess you can.  :0)  During the surgery I dreamed I was at a lovely garden party.  There was nice slow jazzy music playing and we were in a beautiful garden with lots of tables where people could sit and chat.  The weather was cool and I was having a lovely time sitting at my table watching and listening to people enjoy themselves at this garden party. When I was moved to recovery and the nurses were trying to wake me up, I opened my eyes a bit and saw the nurses and the hospital and the thought came into my head, "Which world do I belong in?"  Having opened my eyes and seeing the hospital and nurses I thought, "I don't want to belong to that world, I want to belong to the world with the lovely garden party."  I closed my eyes to go back to the party and just as I was starting to hear the music again, I heard the nurse say, "I guess she's sleepy today, let her sleep."I thought, "Wait a minute!  This world is not the real world!  I need to go back to the other world even thought it won't be fun."   I tried harder to open my eyes all the way and then I woke up all the way.

As I contemplated this experience, I realized that my lovely garden party was really just the operating room.  I remembered that as they had wheeled me in there some really nice slow, jazzy music was playing.  I remember the nurse saying that the anesthesiologist had brought his own cds to put on.  I guess the people chatting were the doctors and nurses, and operating rooms really are quite cool in temperature.  I think maybe the beautiful part of the "garden" was the fact that I was in a brand, spanking new hospital and my husband and I had both commented as we came in what a beautiful facility they had.  I did have to laugh to myself to think that I had preferred the garden party to what was coming after the surgery however..

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Delirious said...

lol that's funny!
When I had my last surgery, I was SOOO drowsy. My doctor kept trying to talk to me in the recovery room but I couldn't stay awake. I kept having the feeling that I hoped she wasn't telling me anything important, because I couldn't stay awake to hear it! And in fact, later she had to tell me some things again. lol