Thursday, April 4, 2013


My father passed away about a month ago.  I went to another state to be with my mom for about a week and a half before the funeral.  The day before the funeral we had a bad snow storm come through their area and as I was leaving her house to go to my hotel (since other siblings were staying at her house) I slipped on some icy snow and promptly broke my ankle in 3 places.  At the time I thought (hoped?) that it surely must just be sprained, although it was so painful when I first fell that I refused to let my 2 brothers help me up until I had sat there.  When I did get up, it wasn't because I wanted to, but because the seat of my pants was progressively getting wetter and wetter sitting there in the snow.  The had to literally pull me to my feet, but then I hobbled to my truck and even "made the jump" up to the running board and drove to the next town (15 miles) to my motel.  (All motels in my mom's town close in October for the winter.)

Sometime after midnight I began thinking that maybe it really was broken.  I made it through the night by sitting in the office chair in our motel room and my husband pushing me to the bathroom when needed.  He got up the next morning and went to the drug store and bought crutches.  We went to the funeral where I propped it up on a chair during the viewing and funeral.  I declined going to the cemetery.  After the funeral, the graveside service and the luncheon we went back to the town where our motel was and went to the emergency room.  At that time they had only found 2 breaks.  The doctors told me it would need surgery and I could go back to my state on Monday.  I got in Tuesday to an orthopedic surgeon who scheduled my surgery for Thursday.  By the time Thursday came, my foot was swollen twice the size and the top of my foot was completely black from bruising.  I thought for sure the dr wouldn't do the surgery and he hesitated but decided to go ahead because he felt he needed to "get in there and see what was going on".  After surgery he said they found a 3rd break.  I broke the small bone of my leg in a spiral fracture, splintered the end joint of the larger bone and dislocated the large bone (it had slid off of the ankle joint).  He put in a steel plate on the spiral fracture, pulled the large bone back into place on top of the ankle joint and put 2 long screws to hold that in place and put 10 screws into the plate.

I went to back to the doctor on Tuesday.  He took another x-ray of my foot and found a bone fragment.
Looking at the xray he couldn't tell exactly where the bone fragment was so I have to have a CT scan.  If the bone fragment is on the front of the large bone then I have to have more surgery to have it removed.  If it's on the side then it can stay there for 8 months until I have the screws removed.  He also added 2 more weeks to me not putting any weight on my foot at all, for a total of 8 weeks - 8 1/2 if you add the days from the accident until the surgery.  :0+  Here are the xrays of my ankle.  When I saw it at the drs' office, I asked the nurse if she'd print me a copy of it because I thought it was kinda cool . :0)



Inklings said...

Wow - I am so sorry you have to be off it that long, and that you have more problems. That is not fun. You really did "one-up" me. :)
I pray every day for it to heal correctly and I hope it will.

Delirious said...

All I can say is, thank God for modern medicine!! I put your name in the Hong Kong temple. So if the doctor says the xrays look backwards, that's why. They read right to left. ;)

Delirious said...

Hey, I just had a thought. You are the bionic woman now! :)