Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Since I broke my ankle, I haven't felt like doing anything - blogging, reading blogs,writing blogs, reading books, listening to music, writing letters, NOTHING!  Lately I really feel like I'm getting back to normal, even though my ankle still swells up everyday - make that STAYS swelled up all day - and still hurts when I walk on it.  But today I did something that I have been looking forward to and was worried (dreaded?) about also:  I got a PEDICURE!  I had to call my doctor to make sure I could get one because when I first got out of the boot, he wouldn't let me.  The nurse didn't call me back soon enough to go get a pedicure with my pedicure buddies, but she did call me while I was having lunch with them, so as soon as lunch was over I headed over to the nail spa to get one by myself.  When I walked in the sweet ladies (and guy manager) came over to ask me how I was feeling and they all told me that my friends had already been in that morning.  I assured them that I knew they had been in but I had been waiting for my doctor's office to call.

I thought I was going to have to tell her to skip the foot and leg massage, but at the last minute decided to just let her do it and see how it went.  I guess she was being extra careful too, because none of it bothered me at all!  Not even her working on my ingrown toenail!  Now I feel a bit more human!  Yay!  I'm currently wearing "Grand Central Carnation" -
 OPI.  :0)


Delirious said...

I love that color!!

Amber said...

I'm glad you were able to go and it didn't hurt you. It always feels so nice to be pampered and get that foot and leg massage. I really like that color it's such a pretty mauvey rose!

Inklings said...

Pretty. I am sorry the leg is still bothering you, although my knee still bothers me, too, so maybe in time we will feel normal again? Guess what? I have never, ever had a pedicure. Oh. You knew. You saw my feet. :)