Thursday, August 18, 2011


I have a new Droid Incredible HTC2 phone and I love it.  I love all the apps you can get for your phone, but I've decided that someone needs to come up with a new app.  I know that with most phones you can set certain rings for certain people who call you, so you'll know by just that ring who is calling.  The app I want is one that can read the mood of the person that is calling.  If that person is calling because they are stressed out, need money, mad at you, or are just having a bad day and want to vent to you, then a little cartoon robot - like the one from "Lost in Space" appears on your phone and says, "Danger!  Danger, Nene!  Do not answer!" 


Delirious said...

LOL I think that app would be the voice mail. Let them leave a message, then if it sounds okay, call them back. ;)

Inklings said...


Stick said...

ROFL! Waiting for the app.