Thursday, August 4, 2011


I went to Dallas last Thursday and took 3 of my granddaughters who live here.  We went to stay with my daughter and her husband and 3 kids (boy and 2 girls).  I don't care how you drive it -Hwy 287 out of Amarillo, or I-40 through Oklahoma - that is one long drive to Dallas!  It took us 12 hours. 

The day after we got there we all went to Six Flags!  It was so much fun!  If you want to feel like a kid again, you really need to go to an amusement park!  It had been really hot before we got to Dallas, with temps around 108, but starting with the day we went to Six Flags and throughout the weekend while we were there, it was only 100-101.  Still, that is plenty hot!  The day we left, the temperature went back up and even higher to a scorching 112!  When we got in the park we split up - the teenagers going with my son-in-law to ride the scarier rides and my daughter and I taking the 3 little girls to Loony Toon Land.  My son-in-law rode a few rides with the teenagers until they got to one of the rides that he got sick on and then he sat out for awhile.  :0) 

After we had been there a couple of hours, we were really feeling the heat, so we decided to buy the refillable cup they sell for $15.99.  Yes, that is a lot to pay for a drink, but we really got our money's worth.  My daughter bought one and shared it with her little girl and I bought one to share with my other 2 granddaughters.  We first filled it with Powerade and that REALLY helped us feel better!  Then we decided it was time for a water ride, so we went on the log ride.  We got splashed a little, but not enough, so then we decided to go for the big one and went on AquaMan (see picture above).  On that ride, you get in a flat boat with about 10 or more other people and it takes you up a steep incline, around a curve and then straight DOWN!  As it comes down, it hits the water hard and splashes a huge wave up and into the boat and completely soaks everyone in the boat!  It was so funny!  Then when you get out of the ride, you walk up to the bridge where (if you want to) you can stand and wait for the next boat to splash down.  When it does, the huge wave also comes up onto the bridge and completely soaks whoever is standing up there.  It's so popular to do, that they have an employee there to make sure everyone stands to the back of the bridge to make sure the wave doesn't knock you down.  One problem though - don't wear tennis shoes.  If you do, then you have to walk around with soaking wet socks and shoes.  I had to take my shoe off and POUR the water out of it.  Flip flops would have been much better.  They do sell flip flops at the shops though, probably for that reason. The AquaMan ride was so much fun that we rode it again several hours later. :0)  As long as we stayed wet, we weren't hot.  They also had lots of misters to spray you as you walked by them. 

The other rides we rode were: The Gunslinger (you sit on a swing that swings you way up and around - we rode that twice too), The Tea Cup (we let the little girls ride this alone), The Hot Air Balloon (I passed on this one), The Mini-Mine Train (I wished I hadn't ridden this one - I lost one of  my diamond solitare earrings on this ride!  :0+ ), The Roaring Rapids (another water ride where we got soaked - it was fun and we rode this with the bigger kids and had a boat all to ourselves).  I rode this one with the girls that I can't remember what the name of it was - it was like a big bus that went up and around.  My daughter and the girls rode the Parachute drop, but I passed on that one also.  We also went to the Loony Toons show which was kind of corny, but funny all the same.  We didn't get to the park until about 1:30 and stayed until after 9pm.

On the way out we bought souvenirs.  Two of the little girls bought light sabers and the other one bought a Superman cape.  We also bought a light-up tiarra for one's little sister, and 2 light up noisy space guns for the other girl's brothers. 

So now I wonder if anyone could possibly have found, and turned in, my earring?  I guess a phone call won't hurt....


Delirious said...

We have a Six Flags Marine world near us, and we have that same water ride. One time I saw a lady come off that ride, and I felt like I was at a wet t-shirt contest. Seriously, she could have at least worn a bra. And she was WELL endowed! :S

I heard that Dallas got up to 114 this week! Yikes!

I hope you find your earring. What a bummer. I lost two good earrings this year, so I've been using those little rubber backs on them lately.

Stick said...

Ann lost her prescription sunglasses on the Harry Potter World, Double Dragons ride, and Alex just lost his prescription glasses on the Cliffhanger at Lagoon. Both pairs of glasses fell into ponds, and we probably have seen the last of them.

rjizzle4shizzle said...
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rjizzle4shizzle said...
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Nene said...

Dear rjizzle4shizzle,

I know you have asked me your question 3 times now, and I have deleted your commment twice. Now I am going to tell you why I have deleted your comment, and why I am going to delete the above comment: I don't think your question is an innocent question. I think it is a rude question that is implying more than you are asking. Please don't ask the question again or I will block you from my blog. This is your last warning.
- Nene