Thursday, May 6, 2010


Now that we're home from Ireland, my husband has started his "sabatical".  In the company he works for, every 7 years you get a 2 month paid vacation that they call a "sabatical."  The year that we went to Ireland my husband was due for his sabatical, and had originally planned on taking it in the fall.  Since he started traveling to Ireland in July- 2 weeks in Ireland, 2 weeks in the States (and so on) - he wasn't able to take his sabatical.  If you are on foreign assignment you are not allowed to take your sabatical until you are home, so we delayed our sabatical for 2 years.  He also decided that he would take his 2 month sabatical and his 3 weeks of vacation, so he will not have to go back to work until the 4th week in July.  We have a few trips planned to go see both of our parents and our daughter, but that's really all we have planned so far.  Mainly we are just enjoying being home.

I have heard complaints from lots of people who when they retire, they sort of get "sick" of each other because they spend so much time together. I think I may have the opposite problem. We have 2  detached garages - one on each side of our house.  One garage is my husband's wood shop and the other garage is the garage for our cars, my husband's workbench and tools, a riding lawn mower, and other storage items.  One day I went out to find him to tell him that I was going to go to the store.  I went to the wood shop but he wasn't there.  I started across the backyard to the other garage and then saw him coming out of it.  I told him he needed to wear a bell, so I'd know where he was.  :0)  Sometimes I have even just called him on his cell phone because I couldn't find him and had walked all over the front and backyard (he was at our neighbor's house - who is a retired real estate lawyer).  I have to make sure that at lunch time I go out and find him and ask him if he's ready for lunch or he'll forget to eat.  One day I went to lunch with some friends.  I came back at 1:45 and he was in the car garage.  I asked him if he had eaten lunch.  He hadn't.  (Ok, so part of the problem is he is helpless.)  I never know where he'll be, especially right now that he has so many projects and things he is trying to get done.  I had to remind him the other day that we actually have to sit down and make the plans for our trips, because other people are waiting on us to decide when we are going and how long we are staying for each one. 
Nope, I don't think I'll have to worry about him driving me crazy when he retires.  I think it's definitely time to get that intercom system installed between the house and the 2 garages though.


Delirious said...

I kind of feel the same way about having a California king size bed. I love the comfort, but there always seems to be a chasm between us. lol
My husband loves to read, and loves to go to bookstores and libraries. I think when he retires he will be spending his time reading and going to those places.

Amber said...

LOL I bet he is just in pig heaven walloring around in his shop and out in the yard :) I'm glad you get the sabbatical now, it's much needed after being in Ireland for over a year - I hope you guys have lots of fun in the next few months!

吳wyat031tskiles8 said...
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Mr. Giggles said...

We're just glad you're back!

BTW...could you email me your mailing address plus all your kids'?

Thanks, sis!

Dee Ice Hole said...

We too are glad you are home safe. It will be great to see you guys whenever that occurs.

家信 said...
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