Thursday, September 24, 2009


I've really enjoyed doing my Irish Jigs blog, but I'm wondering if it will come to an end sooner that I originally thought. No, we haven't heard anything yet, I'm just thinking into the future. Anyway, I've thought about turning the Irish Jigs blog into a sort of "travel blog". I'm looking for a title for it and would like some of ya'll's ideas. Here are a few names I've come up with:

Travelin' with Nene
Sight-seeing with Nene
Have Blog Will Travel

I really like using my blog nickname, Nene in the title, so I'm asking you to submit any you can think of. Try to use my nickname, but it is not essential. List as many as you want.



Delirious said...

Maybe you should have posted this on Word joust? lol jk

Hmm...I have to think about this one

Amber said...

Sightseen Nene
Wandering Nene
Nene's North Star
New Adventures of Nene
Nene's Scene
Nene Inbetween
Nene Nene Explorin' Machine
The True Voyages of Nene
Exploring with Nene
From the Mixed Up Travels of Nene
Follow the North Star, Nene
Where's Nene Be'en?

LOL - This was fun!

Bullet for Babs said...

I think Amber's Sightseen Nene is a good idea. But I do think Have Blog Will Travel is a good name.

keira said...

Wow, Amber, I'm impressed! I like Nene Inbetween, Sightseen Nene (although wouldn't it be spelled "Sightseein"?), Nene Nene Explorin' Machine, and Nene's Scene.

And sorry, but I'm so not creative so I can't come up with any.

Inklings said...

I came up with Nene's Scene, like Amber, but I also like Have Blog Will Travel. Or how about Nene: Have Blog Will Travel?

Stace-Ghost said...

I personally like Travelin' with Nene :)

Nene said...

Amber, these are some cute names!

Stick said...

What Nene's Seen
Nene's Travel Machine

Twist's Tales said...

How about Nene's Notes Niche

Inklings said...

I like What Nene's Seen, too!

Mr. Giggles said...

I like the Have Blog Will Travel, too, but howsabout:

Go, Nene, Go
Nene Goes To . . .
Where in the World is Nene?
Nene's World Jigs
Jiggin' 'Round the World with Nene
Jig the Planet
Planet Nene

I'll think of more...maybe