Friday, September 21, 2007


Woo-Hoo!! I found my Visa Card!!
Did you look and look real hard?
Yes, I looked and looked real hard
But gave up on finding my Visa Card.

So where did you find your Visa Card?

Did you find it in the chair?
Did you find it on the stair?

I did not find it on the chair,
On the stair or in the air
I did not find it here or there.

Where I found it was the floor!

The floor you say? Behind the door?

Behind the door- it was not there
Just on the floor under the chair.
The chair I sat in just today
The chair I looked in every way
Today I sat there, then I stood
The card must have been stuck real good
When I arose the card fell down
Then when I found it I jumped around!!

Now Visa I do not have to call
For I have never phoned at all.
One lesson learned - wise words for you
When you use your Visa
Put it up when you're through!

...Now I wonder where my Seminary keys might be?.......Hmmmm....


Inside Stories said...

Did you look inside that chair?
Tell me, tell me, was it there?

Nene said...

Okay, maybe I wasn't clear enough in my obviously had been in the chair, but when I stood up I guess the vibration shook the card loose and it fell to the floor. When I walked back into the room - there it was on the floor under the chair!

Delirious said...

It always seems to work that way..
You look and look, and even pray.
Then let it go and say your'e through,
And then the thing comes to find YOU!

Keys...hmm....I would look in the car, inbetween the seats, under the seats, down IN the seat. ;0)

Inside Stories said...

You were clear. I was referring to your keys. I guess I should have said "them" instead of "it". :0)