Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Move Over Dr. Seuss

Epitome of Sweetness has inspired me to write a poem:

I cannot find my Visa card -
I've looked and looked
and looked real hard.

Did you look under the chair?
Did you look up in the air?

Yes, I looked under my chair-
In the air, by the stair,
I looked in boxes, cans, and trash,
I looked in places I like to stash.
My Visa card I find it not
This all makes me so distraught!

Did you look under the sink?
Did you, did you?
Think, think, think!

By the sink I looked and looked
On my dresser, in my book,
In all my purses, pockets, drawers,
Under beds, and closet floors,
I cannot find my Visa card
It hurts my brain to think this hard.

Give up now and you'll be free
Just call Visa, and you'll see
They'll replace it - good as new
And then send it right to you.
When you do this then you'll find
Your lost card and peace of mind.


Inside Stories said...

I love this poem, I really do
and hope you are no longer blue.
I hope you looked and thought real hard
and finally found your Visa card!

Nene said...

Actually I didn't ever find it, but am getting a new one. :0)

Amber said...

LOL Mom - You are absolutely hilarious! With all the writing talent in our family we could start our own publishing house! This is so good I may have to print it out and let a couple of my friends read it - it's too funny! :)