Monday, November 12, 2012


I've been reading the Old Testament.  Right now I'm in Isaiah, which since this is about my 3rd or 4th time reading the Old Testament, is not as mysterious as it used to be and I'm understanding it more.  About a week or so ago when I was starting Isaiah, I decided to get some additional reading supplements so I turned to the Old Testament Institute Manual, which is one of my favorite places to turn first when I am wanting explanation on a scripture I'm reading.  After reading several pages I came across this quote.  I can't remember why the quote was inserted where it was, but this quote has stuck with me and caused me to contemplate it a lot.  The quote is by David O. McKay, who was prophet of our church when I was a little girl growing up.

"Every man and every person who lives in this world wields an influence, whether for good or for evil.  It is not what he says alone; it is not alone what he does.  It is what he is.  Every man, every person radiates what he or she really is...It is what we are and what we radiate that affects the people around us.

"As individuals, we must think nobler thoughts.  We must not encourage vile thoughts or low aspirations.  We shall radiate them if we do.  If we think noble thoughts; if we encourage and cherish noble aspirations, there will be that radiation when we meet people, especially when we associate with them."

Think about that...without even saying a word or doing an action of any kind, we radiate who we are.  I guess that's why I really like the quote by Gordon B. Hinckley under the title in my blog: " Try a little harder to be a little better."  I need to give a little more thought to what I am radiating....


Delirious said...

A man in our church group bore an interesting testimony that was quite similar. I have thought a lot this past 2 weeks about what he said. He said he was traveling on the train and was reading the Book of Mormon. He said the train workers came up to him and asked him if he was reading the Bible. He told them it wasn't the Bible, but was another book of scripture called the Book of Mormon. They were very curious about what he was reading. Of course, we aren't allowed to even passively proselyte here, so he couldn't explain much to them. But he was impressed that they all felt something, and felt it enough to come up to him and ask what he was reading. We really do project a spirit, whether it be a good one, or a bad one.

Inklings said...

That's a great quote and something to think about. I think your life really does show on your face, but maybe not until you hit 40 or so.