Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lee's Ferry

My husband and I made a quick trip to visit my parents a couple of weeks ago.  On the way home we decided to turn in to Lee's Ferry, since we had never been there.  There's not much there, but here are some pictures from it.  One of my however-many-great grandfathers worked at Lee's Ferry back in pioneer times.
  Back then, Lee's Ferry was heavily used by travelers between Utah an Arizona.  Now it is mainly used for fishing, and to launch boats.  A couple of other things I didn't take pictures of was the bathrooms and a covered picnic area with several picnic tables.  Lee's Ferry is located near the Navajo Bridge in Arizona.


Inklings said...

Cool! I've never seen Lee's Ferry. Thanks for posting these.

Delirious said...

One time Grandma and I went with Aunt May "eastering". We went to Lees ferry, among other places. I'm glad you got to make the trip!

Amber said...

cool pictures!