Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Four of my grandkids came over to spend the day with me and play while their mom went to help their dad at his business.  During one activity of "Stand-Up Comic" it was my 4 year old grandson's turn.  He would tell jokes that he made up that were questions and we had to guess an answer. We finally figured out that he really had no answer, but would tell whoever had the best answer that they were right.  So if he said, "How does a rabbit comb his hair?"  and one of us said, "With a chainsaw?", if he liked that answer he'd say yes.  It was so funny that we were cracking up, so he thought he really WAS funny!  :0)  I wish I could remember his joke question that he asked and I answered "A Samurai Sword?"  His face just lit up and he pointed at me and said, "Yes!"  Such a crack-up!

We played Just Dance for at least an hour (or maybe it just seemed like an hour :0+ )  I danced every dance and probably won't be able to even move tomorrow: "Eyes of the Dragon" (twice), "Who Let the Dogs Out), "Cotton-Eyed Joe" (twice - the 4 yr old requested it the second time when he realized it was a "Cowboy" song.  Much to his father's dismay, he eats, sleeps, and drinks "Cowboy"),  "I Like to Move it, Move it" (twice), "U Can't Touch This".....That's all I can remember right now.  I know there were at least 3 or 4 more.

After lunch they went in the back yard.  My 7 yr old granddaughter spotted a lizard, grabbed one of the butterfly nets I bought (I bought 4), and took off running after it.  She and the 4 yr old spent the next 10 minutes or more looking for it so they could catch it.  I felt that the money I spent on those butterfly nets was well spent.  :0)


Delirious said...

You have all the fun. :)

Inklings said...

You're a good Grandma. I would have just watched them dance. :0)