Monday, June 13, 2011


When we went on our recent trip to Texas, my 6 year old granddaughter was not happy.  I think she was afraid that we were going away for a long time, like we did when we moved to Ireland.  I saw her a day or so before we left for Texas and I assured her that we were only going to be gone for 11 days.  She said, "Not for a long time?"  and I said, "No." When we got back from our trip, they came over to see us.  When they left that night, as she walked ou the door she said, "And don't ever go away again!"  :0)

 Last night they all came over and she saw our suitcases sitting in the foyer (still not put in storage).  She looked at me accusingly and said, "What are those for?"  I told her I hadn't put them up yet.  She said, "Good."

Today she told me what she wants to do when she grows up:  She is going to work at the Rainforest Cafe and drive an orange Lambrigini with purple flames on it.  Wow!  Who knew you could make enough money working at the Rainforest Cafe to drive a Lambrigini?!! 


Delirious said...

lol she is such a character

Inklings said...

That is so cute - she's a thinker.