Saturday, April 30, 2011


Ok, first I haved to correct my mistake in my last post.  I think it was wishful thinking that I posted that the septic tank had gone down to 9".  It hadn't.  It had only gone down to 12".  But then of course as soon as it went down, my husband had to go put yet more bacteria stuff down it.  He didn't put a whole bucket this time, but he did put several packets.  So of course it went back up to 15 1/2.  So back to Amber's I went to shower. 

I think I have finally convinced my husband to NOT put any more bacteria down it when it goes down next time.  He has agreed to wait at least a month before putting any more down, providing the level continues to go down. 

On the plus side, I only went to Amber's twice this week.  My husband has been showering at night here at our house.  He says it's okay for him to shower here, because he doesn't "take forever like I do."  :0)  I also did get to do a big batch of dishes this week. 

Another plus:  I got my steam mop and used it last weekend.  I thought it worked pretty good.  I got the one that has 3 steam levels:  dust, mop, and scrub.  Supposedly you can use the "dust" or "mop" setting on hardwood.  I think I'm going to google that and see if it's really ok for your wood floors.  I'm wondering though, if over time it will gradually clean my grout better on my tile floor.  I think the floor I most like using it on is the bathroom.  Makes you feel like it's sanitized.  :0)


Dee Ice Hole said...

Hope you have it figured out andd it works now.

Bullet for Babs said...

Agreed with Dee Ice Hole.