Wednesday, March 30, 2011


For my husband's birthday Monday, I TRIED to get him to do some fun things.  Here's what we did (according to what HE wanted to do): 

1) Got up and went to McDonalds for breakfast, but went through the drive-thru and brought it home.
2) Went to Home Depot and bought concrete so he could pour a concrete patch over the septic tank (he poured it on Wednesday).
3) Ate leftover hamburger, brats, potato salad, baked beans, and melon from Saturday night's cook-out for lunch.
4) He went out and got the septic tank "prepped" and ready to pour concrete.
5) Went to Hastings and bought "The Tourist" on dvd, plus some good westerns we found on sale for $5.99 and $7.99.
6) Went through the drive-thru of Panda Express for dinner and brought it home and watched "The Tourist".  (btw, it was really good!)

That night he told me, "Thanks for making my birthday so nice!"  I said, "And here I am feeling bad that your birthday was so boring!"  I tried to get him to go to a restaurant but all he wanted was Panda drive-thru!  We were also going to go to the movies but there was nothing worth seeing.  We had wanted to see "The Tourist" and had several people tell us it was really good, so I decided we should just go buy it - lots cheaper than going to the movies and we got to see something we wanted to see!

Oh, and by the way,  I've been having a really hard time for YEARS trying to make a good pecan pie.  He always wants pecan pie for his birthday and Father's Day.  Every year I make one.  Every year it is crap.  Finally this year I even prayed about it.  I made a pie using the Lion House recipe.  Didn't turn out.  Finally I thought and thought about it.  I finally got the idea that because I was using frozen nuts and frozen pie crust and not letting them thaw out first, is the reason it wasn't turning out.  I decided to make one more pie the afternoon we were having our family party.  YAY!  It turned out PERFECT!  I mean P.E.R.F.E.C.T!!!!
I also wondered if something else that had happened had anything to do with it.  The recipe calls for 3 eggs.  At the grocery store all the large eggs were all cracked, so I bought jumbo eggs.  I cracked the first egg, it was a double yolk.  I cracked the second egg, it was a double yolk too.  The third egg was just a single yolk.  Now my sister-in-law says she has problems with my mother-in-law's recipe too and she just adds an extra egg.  So now I wonder if the next time I make it I need to remember to not use frozen nuts and pie shells, but to also put in an extra egg? 


Mrs. K said...

I would think the eggs had more to do with it than thawing the pecans and pie crust, but that's just my opinion. It did turn out pretty!

Delirious said...

I would like your recipe for the filling because I haven't found one that I really like.

And I'm feeling really bad that I didn't send your husband a birthday card. I have gotten really lazy the past 10 years or so. Wish him a happy birthday from us!

Dee Ice Hole said...

So what's the story on the septic tank????

Inklings said...

You should blog your pecan pie recipe. :0)

Amber said...

I think you still need the extra egg too - though I'm so glad it finally turned out now you can quit stressing out about it and feeling bad!