Tuesday, January 18, 2011


My husband recently retired.  It's been kind of nice to have him around all the time and it's fun to just be able to go do whatever we want to do.  But I have to admit that I had to make some adjustments at first. 

Every morning when I eat breakfast, I read my scriptures.  When my husband worked, he would leave before I ate breakfast, so I always ate breakfast by myself.  Now we eat breakfast together.  I read my scriptures and he watches me read my scriptures.  I keep telling him to get his scriptures and he can read his while he eats, and he does do this some mornings, just not every morning.  He renewed our subscription to the newspaper and now he reads that most mornings.

When my husband worked, I also ate lunch by myself (of course).  At lunch I would read whatever book I was reading.  I would eat my lunch while I read and sit there about an hour while I read.  I'm not the kind of person who can just sit and read a book during the day.  I have too much to do, or at least I think I do.  So I read during lunch, and every once in awhile I go to bed early and read some more, but I usually don't do that because if I'm in bed reading, I get sleepy.  So when my husband retired, I wasn't reading any books.  I kept trying and couldn't get into them, because I'd only snatch a few minutes of reading here and there. 

For my birthday my husband bought me a Kindle.  I was so surprised because I hadn't even asked for one.  A few days after he bought it for me I went to him and told him that since he bought me that Kindle, then I was going to go back to reading during lunch again.  My husband eats his lunch in the den while he watches tv, and I ate there with him after he retired.  But now I am back to eating my lunch in the kitchen while I read.  I'm averaging about a book a week.  It's been so fun and I've read some really great books.  Since I started doing this I've read: ON THE STREET WHERE YOU LIVE, HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET (a REALLY great book!!!), and now I'm reading "THE HELP". 

I have 5 books on my Kindle now.  I haven't read any of them, because I'm reading all the books I got for Christmas first.  Of the 5 books I have on my Kindle, I only paid for 1 of them because the other 4 were free because they were classics!  Pretty cool!  :0)


Jamie Ford said...

Hi Nene,

Thanks for mentioning my book--glad you enjoyed it! And I'm sure you'll love the HELP as well.

Best wishes,


Nene said...

Oh my gosh you guys!! Jaime Ford is the author of HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET!! What a cool guy! :0)

Inklings said...

I have to read to stay sane. :0)
Well, not as crazy.

Stick said...

Very cool Mr. Ford! I love to read, but too busy with my classes for recreational reading right now. I have around 500 pages of reading to be finished by monday just for one class. (only 200 to go) :o)