Saturday, September 11, 2010


twin towers

Things I remember about 9/11:

I remember the exact spot I was at when I heard about the first plane, when driving home from taking my son to school.  I can even picture that spot on that street in my head, when I think about it. 

I remember when the second plane hit, I knew it was an act of terrorism, without the media even telling me.

I remember my daughter calling me and asking, "What is happening, Mom?"  as if she could hardly even believe it. 

I remember my daughter coming over to watch tv with me all day.

I remember both of us sitting and watching in shock, and crying.

I remember it being so painful to watch, yet you couldn't tear yourself away and just go on with your daily schedule.  People were dying and we couldn't turn our backs on them on go on with our routine.

I remember worrying about my parents and wanting to talk to them...just to make sure they were ok, so I called them.  I remember talking and crying with them. 

I remember my husband calling me to see if I was okay, and crying with him.

I remember turning in the scriptures to read just what I needed to read. 

I remember the courage of the firefighters, police and rescue workers.

I remember the heroic stories that came aftewards.

I remember being proud to be an American...


Windy said...

Your post made me cry. I remember wishing life could just stop - that diapers didn't need to be changed (Peter was 9 days away from being 1 year old), that kids didn't have to be taken to preschool (I had to drop Emily off at Chrie Valadez's house for co-op preschool that morning), that we didn't have to make dinner or do laundry. It was so awful, I felt that life as we knew it should be put on hold. I remember not wanting to let my husband go to work for his shift. We flew our flag today, but no one else on our block had a flag flying. That makes me sad.

Stick said...

We remember too. I remeber coming into the house from work just in time to see the first plane hit the first building, and wondering what movie my wife was watching so early in the morning. Then when I discovered she was watching the news, I was shocked, and could hardly believe it was real. I remember how we sat on the bed and watched it all play out, while we held hands. I had to turn my head away a couple of times..I couldn't bear to watch what was happening. Let us always remember. Never forget. Let's try to build a world where things like that never happen again. Vote. Pray. Love.

Dee Ice Hole said...

And I remember all of the brave firefighters and police that have died since due to the crap they breathed into their lungs helping people get out and trying to contain the crisis. More have died from that than did when the buildings fell.

Inklings said...

Windy, we were the only ones on the block who flew our flag, too.
I was working in an elementary school that day and we were told we were in lockdown. No one was allowed to have a tv on except in the faculty room, as they didn't want the kids scared, but teachers would whisper updates to each other in the halls. We were instructed on how best to help the children if we had an attack, because no one knew for sure what was going to happen. It felt uneasy to me to have my family in other places. I was sure we were going to have an all-out war on American soil, WWIII.

Amber said...

I too remember the exact spot I was when I heard it on the radio, and thinking "the world will never be the same again"

ute said...

thanks for remembering and i too remembered. only 9 short years and how have things changed again.
I am glad i have the gospel and know Heavenly Father is in charge