Monday, April 12, 2010


Well, it didn't rain.  The turkey turned out perfect.  Everyone loved it.  Did you doubt that it wouldn't turn out this way?  :0)  Like I said, the man has a charmed life.

On another note:  We went to London this weekend, and coming back we had lots of souvenirs in our suitcase.  There was one particular item that we forgot about that should have gone in our checked bag.  It set off the alarm and we were pulled aside.  I couldn't figure out what had caused the alarm to go off until she pulled out this particular item.  (Can't tell you what it is, because it's a gift for someone.)  She held it up - she was very nice - and said it was considered a weapon and she couldn't let us take it.  She suggessted we go back out and into one of the stores where you can mail it to yourself.  My husband did, but he had to mail it to our Ireland address because the guy didn't have any international stamps.   Hope it gets here before Saturday. :0+ 

Then when we got to our gate, our plane wasn't even there yet, but was on approach.  Of course all the rabid Ryan Air passengers were all ready lined up, so we did the same.  Our feet were so tired, I told my husband I wished we had paid for the priority boarding so we could get on the plane first.  When we left Dublin, a airline person was going down the line and selling the priority passes last minute - in London they were selling them at the last minute.  We saw a Ryan Air info booth nearby, so he went over there to ask them if they would sell him one.  They couldn't and wouldn't  - they said it had to be the gate person.  When he came back to where I was standing, he said, "I guess my charmed life has run out."  :0)
I sincerely doubt that. 


Dee Ice Hole said...

I never doubted--nope--not for a second that the turley would turn out great. Sometimes the pot catches on fire though so you were lucky there too.

Delirious said...

Well, I mentioned this story to our parents and told them that I sure was nervous about how the turkey would turn out. Dad said, "I don't worry for a minute, he can do anything!" I said, "You are right, even if he doesn't know how to do it, he will research until he does know how." :)

My word verification is ovensati He can say, "While I was cooking the turkey, by the oven sat I. ;)

Nene said...

He did research it. In fact, I even looked it up on . She shows you how to do a fried turkey. But I got my turkey rub off from Better Homes and Gardens website. It was crushed thyme, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and cayene pepper mixed together and rubbed on.

Nene said...
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