Thursday, April 1, 2010


Well, we checked all our windows, doors and skylights.  All were latched tight except 2 skylights that I have in my foyer.  These skylights are in a high ceiling about 20-30 feet up in the roof.  If you stand on my stairs and look at them you can see that they are not latched tight.  But they also do not have burglar alarms on them (what were they thinking - don't they know ninjas can drop through the skylights in the roof with ropes?).  We are wondering if the bad wind gusts sucked those skylights open a bit.  They don't have burglar alarms on them, but there is a burglar alarm in the upstairs hallway that my husband said is a "sonic" alarm - or something like that.  He said if there is a loud noise - like someone breaking a window - then the alarm will go off.  We didn't hear any banging (but then we were sound asleep) but they could have banged when the wind sucked them open a bit and then caused the alarm to go off.  Why they are not latched, I have no idea.
That's all we can come up with. 


Bullet for Babs said...

Scary. Keep that alarm on.

Anonymous said...
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