Thursday, March 26, 2009


Monday is Survival Knife's birthday. Here are some cute stories about him:

We had just finished doing some grocery shopping and as we were leaving the grocery store parking lot, Survival Knife noticed a satellite dish store. They had some satellite dishes out front. He said, "I wish we had one of those." I said, "You do?" Then I asked him why he wanted one. I asked him what he thought they did and he said, "They bring the stars down to your house!"

My husband built a storage shed in the backyard. Survival Knife would go put his hat on and tug at his dad's sleeve and say, "Come on Daddy, let's go work." He loved to be out there with his dad and was sad when the shed was finished.

Survival Knife was always interested in how things worked. He reminded me of Twist in that way. His favorite thing to do was to tip over my vacuum cleaner and get a screwdriver or something that looked like a tool and pretend to work on it.

Here is a story Survival Knife wrote. I think he was in middle school:
"I know how it is to be lonely. Sometimes on Saturday everybody is gone and there is nobody around and I get real bored. There is nothing to do that'll make you not lonely. I hate being lonely but I love it when I want everybody to be gone."

And one more:
"My favorite Memory was when I went to robber's cave. We stayed there for a day and rock climbed. I had just free climbed doing bouldering and exploring. After everybody left my dad his friend and I went to go look around. Then we found the Devil's slide (which is a climb). So we decided to climb it without ropes so I was scared to do it but I did and when I finished it I had the greatest feeling I had ever had."
Happy Birthday Survival Knife! We love you and miss you and think you are a great man and wonderful daddy!


Delirious said...

Happy Birthday SK!

Lindsay-Weaver said...

Happy Birthday! As always, these type of posts are my favorites, because you get to learn new things about people.