Sunday, March 15, 2009


My son, Babs (Bullet for Babs), has a birthday this Friday so I thought I'd go ahead and write a post about him. Here are a few stories:
Babs was 4 years old and I was having him use my husband's hand cleaner to clean some ink off of his hands. When he finished he came in where I was and said, "I know what that stuff's made of....old spit."
One time I was going to the store and Babs pointed to himself and said, "Take him, take him!"
We were concerned when Babs was little that he didn't talk much. This is taken from a letter I wrote to my parents when Babs was 2 years old:
"Last week our blue jays were attacking people...Later that day, Babs went in the back yard and he came running in and said, 'Momma bird' and then flapped his arms and pointed to his head. The kid can't talk too good, but he gets his message across."
Here's a story he wrote when he was 7 - written exactly like he wrote it:
The Days of The Week
Monday I was sick. I could Berely eat. Tuseday I felt better than I youst to but I had a bad day that day. Today, were see how it turns out. Tomorrow, I don't know. Friday, it will be really fun. Saturday, all have a long time to play so it will be fun. Sunday, It will really really be fun cause it starts a new week and get to go to church and get to watch the Super Bowl. The End.
We were watching the movie, "Fat Man and Little Boy" with Paul Newman. In the movie, Paul Newman (a one-star general) and a two-star general were arguing. Babs said, "Whoever gets ten stars gets to be the captain."
Babs favorite toys were his Ghostbuster Firehouse and figurines, Ghostbuster Photon Pack (or whatever you called it), Ninja Turtles, Matchbox cars, and Big Wheel tryke.
Happy Birthday Babs! We love you and miss you and are proud of the man you have become!


Bullet for Babs said...

Thanks Mom...I appreciate it...Those days of the week still sound like the days of the week I have...except for the being sick part...

Stace-Ghost said...

Cute post! I remember when I first met Babs and I always thought it was weird that he didn't talk a lot...He said he has always been like that.