Wednesday, January 28, 2009


You may or may not remember my post about buying a Wii for Christmas in the US and then buying a Mario Kart game here in Ireland, and it wouldn't play on the US Wii. We called Nintendo and they were absolutely no help in offering to switch the game for a US game, or any other suggestions. Their only word was, "Sorry".
So my husband found a company where he could buy something to put in our Wii to make it so it will play any game, whether from the US or anywhere else. Did he do this because he is cheap and was mad because he was out the money for Mario Kart? No, because the cost of the part to put in the Wii was about the same price as the Mario Kart game. As he sat here for 2 nights working on it (2 nights because the first night after he got it apart, he realized he needed a soldering iron), I finally figured out why he does things like this:
1) Just to prove that he can do it
2) To get back at Nintendo
3) He loves to make something better

So now it's fixed, and we can play Mario Kart! However, (I thought to myself) be very afraid. Because now when we go to the store and I go shopping and he goes to look at videos - now he will be on the Nintendo aisle looking at games. But it will be nice, because now I can buy a Wii Fit over here and not have to buy it in the US and figure out how to get it back in my suitcase. (For those of you that don't know, it has a balance board that comes with it.)


Delirious said...

wooo hooo!

my verification word this time is brapop lol

Amber said...

you'll have to tell us about the FIT after you've played with it, it looks really fun!! :) i'm glad got it fixed and I agree with you he loves to do it just to prove he can LOL

Bullet for Babs said...

I'm glad to see my father finally warming up to video games after he got on my case about it so many times...

Nene said...

Babs - it's because we're so bored! You can only watch tv so much at night, and you really can't go sight-seeing at night.

Amber said...

I saw what book you're reading - you are really going to love it, it's so suspensefil and filled with intrigue!! It really is one of the best books i've ever read!!